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Client Testimonials

Working with Matt was a real pleasure. His knowledge of real-estate coupled with his experience background in construction makes him a very valuable agent. I would highly recommend Matt for any future clients, my wife I will only be using Matt Stanford for further real-estate purchases.
- Craig

We had a great home buying experience with Matt! He was very helpful throughout the process from identifying solutions for our needs to constructing a great offer that in turn got us our home. Being a first-time buyer can be overwhelming Matt was there to answer all of our questions as well as help us feel comfortable with the steps along the way.
- Marly

Matt did a great job assessing my needs quickly matching me with my dream home. I highly recommend him, would definitely use his expertise in the future.
- Prab

As a first-time home-buyer, I found Matt incredibly helpful. He was on-task, honest, and knowledgeable about issues of repair. He helped me understand the home buying process and provided sound advice as I tried to sort through my priorities for a house. Would recommend!
About Matt
Having been a lifelong Seattleite, Matt has witnessed the amazing growth this city has experienced and from an early age, he wanted to be part of it. Matt has always been drawn to construction projects, the art of building, and specifically how people live in their homes or workplace.

After completing school St. Joseph’s Elementary School, Blanchet School, and Gonzaga University, Matt moved overseas for three years to play professional basketball. In 1995, he moved to Seattle and began a 20-year career in the construction industry. Matt started as a project manager for a high-end custom remodeling company, then owned a house flipping business, and eventually became a general contractor where he helped homeowners turn their existing house into their dream home. Each every experience of either developing his own investment property or helping homeowners' ideas become reality, provided him with a unique understanding of all facets of homeownership. These experiences have dovetailed nicely into helping clients purchase and sell homes.

Matt has a detailed understanding of costs associated with remodeling projects, a keen eye for design possibilities and expansion concepts, and broad-based knowledge of the mechanical aspects related to homes. This knowledge has proven to be key in helping clients make astute decisions when contemplating taking on a “fixer” house, or just making sense of a home inspection report. He enjoys guiding clients through this process so they can make sound financial decisions.

In addition to being a real estate broker, Matt has a variety of other interests as well. He loves being outside spending time on/in the water either fishing, surfing, or boating with his wife Stephanie, son Jackson, daughter Sidney, and their French bulldog Felix.