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Nadyimir Alessio

Real Estate Advisor


Languages: Spanish, English


International Fine Arts College of Miami
Instituto de Diseño de Caracas
About Nadyimir

Nadyi, in the last 6 years has had the opportunity to work directly as a developer in the construction area.  She and her business associate shared the project responsibilities — where she has worked with architects, interior designers, displaying her educational background.

The experiences Nadyi brings to the team are, as well, geographically broad. She had developed actual house models and went on to execute the project for her clients. Since then, she developed investment properties in Miami and actively participated in commercial real estate investments in New York.  Among her responsibilities she was in charge of the selection of materials for those homes. Nadyi has a substantial amount of experience from a background as a developer in the Coral Gables, Ponce Davis, Pinecrest, and Coconut Grove, as well as Miami and New York.
In the same year, she had taken a trip to Asia, where she met with the OPD firm, who then, expressed a desire to work with Nadyi, specifically to be in charge of the materials and the-interior-design-options for their house.  

At this time Nadyi went back to gain a “Certification in Interior Design with AutoCAD”.  With this in hand, Nadyi has an edge in design, which supported her to refine her flare for the high-quality-output -that her clients appreciate for years to come.

Nadyi, this past year, continued to enhance her skills by successfully earning a Florida Real Estate Sales License. As you can see, she is on top of her game and a go-getter. Based on the number of Licenses and Certificates, she is uniquely valued as a member in the group in the Real Estate Sales Business.  

On top of this, Nadyi is no stranger to the investor communities of Miami and New York, and you can appreciate that this has put Nadyi at an advantage. 

The invitation from Monica Slodarz, to be part of her team with The Slodarz Group, which is a full-service team- that hyper-expands the boundaries of creative and multi-faceted types of innovative projects for our clients, came at an opportune time for me. 

Nadyi intends to apply her knowledge and experience to carry-out her share of the load at The Slodarz Group.