About Paul
My name is Paul and I'd like to introduce myself and explain what makes me unique in this industry. I am foremost a husband and father. I've been married for 10 years and have lived in the Chicagoland area my entire life. My wife and I have hectic lives just like you, trying our best to raise our daughter, as we tour this great city traveling to soccer, swimming, and school events. Nothing is more important than family. Sure, I know it’s not a great business practice to tell a potential client there is something more important than them. But my passion for family is what allows me to better comprehend your needs.

Real estate professionals can sometimes view a client as just a transaction or deal. I believe, you’re entrusting me to protect your interest while ensuring you the best consumer experience. All so that your story can find a happy ending.

Prior to becoming a real estate professional, I worked for many years on the trading floors of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Board of Trade. The trading floors taught me there are always opportunities, even small opportunities, that can make any experience better. I aim to find those opportunities and ensure that your experience is the best possible.

I’ve worked with clients, clients like you, when they have unexpectedly lost a parent, when their child has been accepted to the perfect college, when they have to sell their home to avoid financial distress, when their life is a struggle, and when they find themselves on top again. I had the privilege of being there for both good life experiences and some bad. But all are experiences. Many are monumental experiences in most people’s lives. I get to be a supporting character in my client’s story. My passion is to ensure that my brief part in your life-story has a positive impact. Choosing CONLON/Christie’s International Real Estate as my family allows me to fulfill this goal. CONLON has since joined forces with Real Estate. I attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. Outside of work I enjoy golfing, snowboarding, volleyball, travel, and hiking outdoors.

Paul Hickman’s Listings

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3 BD
5.5 BA
3,320 SF
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3 BD
2.5 BA