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I have been a Washington State resident for over 30 years, which has aided my ever growing passion for this beautiful state. My excitement about the real estate industry and innate ability to help guide and educate my clients will be used to assist you during your search for the perfect home or the sell of your beloved home. I promise to be your advocate during the complete home-buying and/or selling experience. I am blessed and fortunate to have joined the team where all of the same principles I apply in my own life are applied in our daily practice of client-first business. I am extremely excited to work with you and look forward to assisting you through your real estate journey!

Client Testimonials

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5752 Ne 61st St, Seattle, WA
"Philip was incredible. Not only did he help us purchase our new home, but he helped with fantastic recommendations on all the extras - home inspection, contractors, insurance, etc. He is extraordinarily professional and experienced and worked around our very hectic schedules - would recommend him to anyone." Buyer Closed Dec ’18 • $800K • 3 Bed, 1.75 Bath, 1940 Sq. Ft. • Multiple Offers

2028 Waverly Place N #202, Seattle, WA
"I have bought and sold several houses in my life. never felt more cared for in the purchase process. Great guy." Condo Buyer Closed Oct ’18 • $525K • 2 Bed, 1 Bath, 918 Sq. Ft.

Seattle, WA
"Philip was great to work with throughout our home buying process. He was extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic and honest. As first time home-buyers, Philip was patient with all our questions, and was there for us every step of the way. He worked to pull together an offer (the first for us) even though he had prior plans that weekend. And we won! We highly recommend Philip - with him, you 't have just an agent, you have a friend. " Townhome Buyer Closed Oct ’18 • $750K • 3 Bed, 2.25 Bath, 1510 Sq. Ft. • 1st Time Buyer • Multiple Offers

4620 Sw Charlestown St, Seattle, WA
"Philip spent the extra time to help us make a good decision on our home. He was quick to respond to questions and made the whole process enjoyable. We would definitely recommend Philip to friends that are looking for an expert who knows the market well." Buyer Closed Oct ’18 • $650K • 2 Bed, 1.75 Bath, 1400 Sq. Ft. • 1st Time Buyer

1471 Nw 77th St, Seattle, WA
" We feel lucky to have worked with Philip. He was always available, he always exceeded our expectations even when we asked for his help on short notice. He is very knowledgeable and also he is a great listener - so while sharing his professional opinions, he also takes into account his client's needs and expectations. " Buyer Closed Sep ’18 • $858K • 4 Bed, 2.25 Bath, 2410 Sq. Ft.

26424 Ne Barrett Rd, Kingston, WA
"Philip was exceptionally professional and responsive. He is a great advisor on different locations. He also has that human element where we felt he understood our desires for our new home " Buyer Closed Sep ’18 • $351K • 5 Bed, 2.75 Bath, 2000 Sq. Ft.

115 B 17th Ave E, Seattle, WA
" Philip is exceptional. I was fortunate in having Philip's support both in buying my new home and selling my old one. Aside from the normal stress and chaos that come with buying and selling a home, it was a deeply emotional and personal experience for me because of what I was going through. Philip was highly communicative, supportive, prompt, available, and most of all - kind. Truly everything I could have asked for and more. I could not have done it all without his help. He made the process easy and seamless. He is incredible at his job and an outstanding human being. I have already and will continue to recommend his service to my friends and family!"Townhome Buyer Closed May ‘18
$1.05M • 2 Bed, 2.25 Bath, 1453 Sq. Ft. • Multiple Offers

3040 Magnolia Blvd W, Seattle, WA
"Philip did a great job helping our family find a great home in Seattle. We were in another state when we started the process and Philip went out of his way to help coordinate tours when we were in town, would do facetime houses when we were not, and even helped us secure a rental during an interim period which could have resulted in us not buying a home. Philip put our interests first and eventually found us a great place. He was a lot of fun to work with and we’d recommend him to anyone." House Buyer Closed Jun ’18 • $1.52M • 3 Bed, 3.25 Bath, 3436 Sq. Ft. • Multiple Offers

500 Aloha St E109, Seattle, WA
"I have now worked with Philip in buying my girlfriend's and mine. Both times, Philip has been a great resource in helping us to find what we are looking for. Philip is more than just an agent. He is a therapist. All my concerns were resolved in timely manner. He makes sure he is always there for you. I would highly recommend Philip to all the folks out there looking to buy a property." Condo Buyer Closed May ’18 • $450K • 1 Bed, 1 Bath, 614 Sq. Ft. • 1st Time Buyer

2552 14th Ave W #101, Seattle, WA
" Philip was extremely helpful, friendly, informative, and patient with us throughout the whole process. We are first-time homebuyers in the US. He taught us a lot along the way and helped us understand what to look for and how to proceed with the home buying process. We really appreciated his help and would recommend him to anyone looking for a home in Seattle." Condo Buyer Closed May ’18 • $530K • 2 Bed, 1 Bath, 1014 Sq. Ft. • Multiple Offers

3224 Nw 57th St, Seattle, WA
"Philip was fantastic to work with through our efforts to purchase a home. He was always positive, honest, and patient through the entire process. He listened intently to our questions and to our priorities and was always a willing sounding board for discussion. We would absolutely recommend Philip to others. " Buyer Closed May ’18 • $1.34M • 4 Bed, 2.75 Bath, 2410 Sq. Ft. • 1st Time Buyer • Multiple Offers

7515 S 120th St, Seattle, WA
"He is very knowledgeable and will do anything he can to help!" Buyer Closed Dec ’17 • $305K • 3 Bed, 1 Bath, 1300 Sq. Ft. • 1st Time Buyer • Multiple Offers

1505 29th Ave, Seattle, WA
"Philip and his team helped guide us through the process as first-time home buyers. And the first offer we put in was accepted! He helped make the process quick and easy. What more can you ask for?" Buyer Closed Nov ’17 • $860K • 3 Bed, 2.5 Bath, 1780 Sq. Ft. • 1st Time Buyer

22 W Lee St #603, Seattle, WA
"He is so nice! He always had a smile for us. Our personalities just clicked. He researched the homes we were interested in and gave us his insights, applying what he knew we wanted to the equation! He was spot on! He’s a great real estate agent and a really wonderful guy! " Condo Buyer Closed Oct ’17 • $1.3M • 2 Bed, 2 Bath, 1623 Sq. Ft.

2201 3rd Ave #2304, Seattle, WA
"Philip was very responsive and was instrumental in getting the deal done quickly and on the right terms. He provided good insight on how things were actually progressing during the offer process and helped refer me to reliable vendors. Overall, he did a great job and was a pleasure to work with. " Condo Buyer Closed Sep ’17 • $880K • 2 Bed, 1.75 Bath, 1254 Sq. Ft. • Multiple Offers

530 Melrose Ave E #203, Seattle, WA
"He was there for us every step of the way. At first we were hesitant about buying and Philip never pushed us. When we were really ready and we asked how much it would take to win a property, he would give advice that matched the outcome really closely. He even worked on his birthday for us. When the dream condo came down in price, we moved on it that day and won it without a bidding war. Thanks so much Philip! " Condo Buyer Closed Aug ’17 • $480K • 2 Bed, 1 Bath, 702 Sq. Ft. • 1st Time Buyer

1800 Boylston Ave #302, Seattle, WA
"Philip is extremely friendly and knows what he is talking about when showing you a home. He provides insights into the home that you never thought about, especially for a first time home buyer like myself! " Condo Buyer Closed Aug ’17 • $580K • 2 Bed, 1.75 Bath, 1035 Sq. Ft. • 1st Time Buyer

Seattle, WA
"Philip was an absolute joy to work with! As first time home buyers we relied very heavily on him for his guidance and advice. He always had our interests at heart and is still following up on our behalf even after we successfully closed two months ago." Buyer Closed Mar ’17 • $625K • New Construction • 1st Time Buyer

2911 2nd Ave #1219, Seattle, WA
"Phillip is the perfect real estate expert to have on your side. His experience in both real estate and he greater Seattle area are readily apparent. He makes you feel like a smarter buyer. He's a true partner when it comes to shopping for a home. Phillip worked extra hard to help tailor an offer in under 18 hours - and it was a winning bid. For anyone looking to purchase/sell - look no further. " Condo Buyer Closed Jun ’17 • $1.4M • 2 Bed, 2.25 Bath, 1251 Sq. Ft. • 1st Time Buyer • Multiple Offers

1614 Summit Ave S-107, Seattle, WA
"Philip was very energetic and pleasant to work with. Answered emails at all hours of the day and provided excellent feedback. Philip's knowledge and industry experience helped me find my perfect home."Condo Buyer Closed May ’17 • $350K • 1 Bed, 1 Bath, 561 Sq. Ft. • 1st Time Buyer

2419 8th Ave N #402, Seattle, WA
"Philip was very helpful through the entire process. As a first time home buyer, the information can be very overwhelming but Philip walked me through it patiently."Condo Buyer Closed May ’17 • $525K • 2 Bed, 1.5 Bath, 1081 Sq. Ft. • 1st Time Buyer

Seattle, WA
"Philip was an amazing agent to work with. I am a first time home buyer and found the experience with his guidance to be hassle free. Philip is definitely a buyer's advocate. He is quick to respond to inquires all the way up to closing and makes sure that you feel comfortable. He checked in with me often and made me feel supported throughout the process."Townhome Buyer Closed Apr ’17 • $620K • 3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1540 Sq. Ft. • New Construction • 1st Time Buyer

11424 61st Ave S, Seattle, WA
"Endless energy. Endless cheer, and hope when there is none. He got me through this hard time for buyers. All the times I got outbid, he was so kind. He's sort of a therapist and an agent. I feel hugely indebted to his family, because he was ALWAYS available to me. Thank you Philip!!" Buyer Closed Apr ’17 • $425K • 3 Bed, 1.75 Bath, 2210 Sq. Ft. • Multiple Offers

699 John St #403, Seattle, WA
"Philip helped me put together a winning offer in a competitive market. My knowledge of this area was limited, so this experience on what would be required, and guiding me through the process was very informative for me."Condo Buyer Closed Apr ’17 • $345K • 1 Bath, 376 Sq. Ft. • 1st Time Buyer • Multiple Offers

923 N 90th St, Seattle, WA
"Philip was simply amazing! We are first time homebuyers and Philip always made us feel comfortable. Philip has a hands-off approach, never pushing or rushing us to make any decision we weren't comfortable with. However, whenever we had any questions, he was incredibly prompt in responding. With him, we dictated our style and he accommodated to us. Philip is very knowledgable with what to look for in terms of red flags/repairs, and walked us through all the strategies on how to make the strongest offer. We definitely recommend him!" Buyer Closed Mar ’17 • $650K • 3 Bed, 1.75 Bath, 1717 Sq. Ft.

1201 E John St #7, Seattle, WA
" Philip is great! A perfect mix of friend, professor, responsible adult and cheer leader. The experience could not have gone better and I'm so glad he was our guy through this process." Condo Buyer Closed Mar ’17 • $678K • 2 Bed, 1 Bath, 1053 Sq. Ft. • 1st Time Buyer • Multiple Offers

Seattle, WA
"Philip is fantastic. As first-time home-buyers, he walked us through every step. Our offer on a condo was accepted over another essentially identical offer, thanks to the way Philip wrote our offer and communicated with the selling agent. We appreciated Philip even MORE when we discovered a significant unforeseen problem with the property while reviewing the HOA documents. Luckily he had advised us to include a contingency for that possibility, and we were able to remove ourselves from the without a problem. He was very helpful during that process in terms of investigating the concern and making sure all the paperwork was squared away - we kept our earnest money, so we could move on to look for another place. Highly recommend Philip. " Condo Buyer Offer Not Accepted Mar ’17 • $315K • 1 Bed, 1 Bath, 711 Sq. Ft. • 1st Time Buyer • Multiple Offers

120 Nw 39th St #201, Seattle, WA
"Philip was an absolute joy to work with. He always had great energy and enthusiasm and never pressured me to commit to things that I wasn't comfortable with. "Condo Buyer Closed Feb • $532K • 2 Bed, 1.75 Bath, 995 Sq. Ft. • 1st Time Buyer • Multiple Offers

3533 Sw 100th St, Seattle, WA
" Super responsive, knowledgeable, always clearly on our side (the buyers). " Buyer Closed Feb ’17 • $738K • 4 Bed, 2.5 Bath, 2730 Sq. Ft. • New Construction

2402 W Boston St, Seattle, WA
" From the first time we met, Philip gave me a sense that I would be in good hands. Even though I was unsure about purchasing a home in our first meeting, Philip listened carefully, made helpful and actionable recommendations, but was never pushy at all. When I became more serious about moving on a property, Philip struck a balance of being attentive but also allowing me the space and time to think through decisions. I felt that I had control through the entire process, but with someone knowledgeable whom I can consult if I needed help. Philip also lived in the same neighborhood I was buying, so he gave me a perspective as a resident. As a first-time home buyer, having someone as knowledgeable as Philip is invaluable!" Townhome Buyer Closed Jan ‘17 • $605K • 2 Bed, 2.25 Bath, 980 Sq. Ft. • 1st Time Buyer • Multiple Offers

4607 S Mead St, Seattle, WA
" We have worked with a few realtors on and off for the past three years as we contemplated moving back to Seattle. Philip is above and beyond the best realtor we've ever worked with, and defied every expectation we had. He somehow made buying a home in the competitive housing market in Seattle on a very limited budget for the area an enjoyable and even fun experience. I have had countless friends with higher budgets give up on buying a home in Seattle. Ian and I frequently talked about how this may have happened to us if we weren't lucky enough to have Philip as a realtor. Ian is in the army so we could only view homes remotely. Philip worked with us the do FaceTime tours of any houses we asked to see, and we always felt confident with his assessments."House Buyer Closed Jan ’17 • $383K • 2 Bed, 1 Bath, 1380 Sq. Ft. • 1st Time Buyer • Multiple Offers

1904 24th Ave. South St #2, Seattle, WA
" Philip really went above and beyond, and I would definitely work with him again. " Townhome Buyer Closed Jan ’17 • $670K • 2 Bed, 2.25 Bath, 1522 Sq. Ft. • New Construction • 1st Time Buyer

11452 60th Ave S, Seattle, WA
"Philip was amazing to work with!!! My husband and I were first-time homebuyers who were not very familiar with the process. We decided to make an offer on a home we loved during the weekend before Thanksgiving. Despite the holidays Philip was available and in contact with us every step of the way. He was even on a plane to his parents for Thanksgiving negotiating our offer via email with the seller's agent. We felt no pressure to make an offer on the home from Philip but felt that he gave us all the tools we needed to help us make this huge decision. I would absolutely refer a friend who is looking for a house to Philip!" House Buyer Closed Dec '16 • $420K • 3 Bed, 2.5 Bath, 2780 Sq. Ft. • 1st Time Buyer

Seattle, WA
"Philip was fantastic from beginning to end of the process - in addition to an unflinching enthusiasm that helped in both the easy moments and (fortunately few) tricky spots, his professionalism, responsiveness, and effective leverage of his team were undeniably key. " House Buyer Closed Nov '16 • $650K • 3 Bed, 2.5 Bath, 1660 Sq. Ft. • New Construction • 1st Time Buyer