About Ned

Ned began his career in real estate working with the Principle managers of the Seattle office since Day 1, building his skillsets with the best in the business. He is a proud member of Bob Bennion's team, specializing in working directly with clients in the field to help them Buy and Sell homes. He works with many Buyers, and he prioritizes going the extra mile to create opportunities for all of his clients.

In addition to this experience, Ned grew up in a real estate family and has invested himself in the Seattle area. He believes that this process can be intimidating and that clients have to trust the integrity and capability of their agent. This, combined with his deep knowledge of Seattle neighborhoods and love for the contract and buying and selling process, makes him excited to help in any way that he can.

Outside of Real Estate his passions are supporting kids through art, specifically music and filmmaking. He runs a non-profit Summer Camp called The Prodigy Project (http://www.prodigycamp.org/) that does this very thing!

Ned can't wait to work with all of you!

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