About Amanda

Some people leave their hearts in San Francisco; I found mine here.

I still vividly remember my first trip to San Francisco when I was 12. Looking down at my shoes while on Powell Street, I experienced the allure of this city and instantly felt a pull. I knew then that I found my place in the world.

After a decade in banking, my love of architecture and design drew me to real estate. Since becoming a real estate agent in 2006, I have developed a process to help clients navigate a dynamic, complex and nuanced market. I thrive on the many challenging facets of the business, and find satisfaction in tough negotiations.

For me, being a real estate agent isn't just about buying and selling property and closing a deal. It's about the people I meet and the relationships we build. It's about educating clients and guiding them through the process, to help them make informed decisions to suit their particular needs. It's about helping clients make the best long term decision, sometimes in the face of short term frustration.

As both an agent and homeowner, I know that buying a home is not just making an investment; it’s laying down roots and spreading wings. Everyone's path to finding their place in the world is unique, and I am privileged to be a part of that journey with my clients.

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