About Chet

People have been asking for Chet’s expert advice on Real Estate for over 30 years. From his early days as a Realtor in the Oakland/Berkeley market to his successful years as a top local Mortgage professional to his buying, renovating and selling of over 20 properties Chet embodies the term ”All things Real Estate”.

You may be asking what sets Chet Gohd apart? His years of experience has made him a magnet for people who need real estate advice. When people talk with him, they immediately feel at ease with his communication style. His passion for real estate and the strategic and educational guidance he provides is encouraging. His communication style is thoughtful, empathetic and informative. Chet’s clients deeply appreciate his passion for helping them make great decisions in their purchase and sale of Real Estate. Whether you’re a buyer or seller, you need information and guidance. You need to have information delivered in understandable terms. With technology and the overabundance of data, it’s often difficult to separate the crucial information needed. Chet takes the time needed to explain. As a seasoned home buyer, seller, financier, landlord and renovator, Chet is masterful in combining his knowledge and wisdom with his ability to set, manage and exceed the expectations of his clients.

Chet’s experience and familiarity with the Oakland/Berkeley market create a tremendous advantage. He’s followed the market from the days when all that was needed was a sign in the yard. He's seen it evolve to today when a combination of strategies is necessary to maximize value. Chet helps his clients create a competitive action plan, including the home’s preparation, pricing, staging, and marketing. Having him as your realtor will enable confident decisions and positive results.

Chet's mortgage experience is another benefit to his clients in many ways. His time in the mortgage industry gives him a deeper insight into both sides of the transaction. He encourages clients in their ability to understand the process. Through participation in over 1200 mortgage transactions, he’s familiar with every step and box to check. His knowledge and work ethic helped him build his mortgage practice from scratch into a top-producing branch. Buyers and Sellers appreciate Chet’s “Can do” attitude as he works with care to creatively and diligently find solutions and deliver on his commitments.

Chet likes to roll up his sleeves to look “behind the paint” to help see all the details of a home and understand the property as a whole. Chet’s ability to visualize and pinpoint potential opportunities or problems comes from the over 20 homes he’s renovated. He's done everything from the basic prepping a property for sale to kitchen and bath remodels to full gut renovations. Chet’s experience helps translate the current state of a home into applicable terms. Looking for a realtor who’ll ease uncertainty by being the guide on your shoulder during tours or the home inspection? Chet’s fine eye for details will aid in the search for your future home while leaving the decisions in your hands where it belongs.

When he’s not advocating for his clients, he might be seen volunteering, spending time with his 2 daughters, hiking local trails or attending a Warriors or A’s game.

Give Chet a call or send an email today to put his skills and experience to work for you.

Client Testimonial

”Chet Gohd is the Greatest Realtor In The Business!

Never have our expectations been so pleasantly and thoroughly exceeded! Chet recently helped my wife and I purchase our first home in California. Despite our limited knowledge of Oakland, Chet took no more than one afternoon to help us locate the neighborhood we wanted to live in, and he had our home styling preferences dialed within three house visits in that same day. Having been born and raised in Oakland, Chet’s an expert of this market like no one else.

Chet is charming, patient and incredibly knowledgeable, but what really sets him apart from every other realtor in the business is his commitment to making his clients’ dreams come true. When we signed on the house, we assumed we wouldn’t be hearing from Chet again until we sell one day years from now. This was not the case. Our home is a bit of a fixer upper, and without having to be asked, Chet took the lead interviewing and scheduling time with contractors and engineers. He drops by to make sure we’re settling in well, and he’s always available to share advice on everything from remodeling permits to the best pizza joint in the neighborhood.

In summary, Chet is just an all-around great guy, and we look forward to a lifetime of his friendship and mentorship.

If you’re in the market for a home, do yourself a favor and schedule some time with Chet. We promise, it’s the best decision you’ll ever make!”

- Alex & Rachael Burchett

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