About Diem T.

Why Carpe Diem? kärpā ˈdēˌem/ Latin: ““Seize the Day”

Real Estate is my passion. The only thing that matters are the relationships I have in my life. Personal & Professionally making a difference in peoples lives everyday. To touch, move & inspire everyone who come into my life!

My goal everyday is...Carpe Diem...Sieze the Day!
For over 20 years working as a real estate professional in the Bay Area, I helped many individuals and families invest in a home that meets their needs and budget. I have learned to listen & understand your real estate needs, then share my experiences to educate you in the selling and buying process…to give you options. I want to empower you to make smart choices that meet YOUR NEEDS, not mine. My experiences and connections I have developed over the years provides me with all the resources required to best assist you.

Whether it’s selling or buying, I understand that real estate process can be a daunting and sometimes complex topic. I am here to help you every step of the way. So let’s enjoy this journey of home ownership and financial growth together!

Come...let’s make a difference together everyday!