About Marco


We all have a reason for getting out of bed in the morning and doing what we do...but, why we do what we do...is the bigger question. Here’s my take:

This business is less about housing, and more about building lasting relationships and connecting people with one another.

It is this principle - we are all a part of a community and everyone has value to provide - that has lead me into real estate. Whether it's representing a seller and ensuring they are well-prepared and their home is shown in the best light, or aiding a buyer, ensuring they are making a well-researched decision. Everyone wants to be heard, and everyone wants to make the best decision possible, feeling like they can move forward...with confidence. My clients benefit from my unwavering passion and determination to go above and beyond in getting them what they want.

They realize the value in working with a motivated millenial, whose exceptional work ethic, high-energy, and heavy-competency in online marketing will serve them well in an ever-changing, technology-driven marketplace.

Ultimately, my curiosity and fascination with the human race has shaped my determination to make a difference in people's lives, especially those within our community.

It is this core set of beliefs that has anchored me to advise and consult with the very people who make the Bay Area an exceptional place to live. Its “why” I do what I do.

All day. Every day.

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