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About Rick

Rick has lived in the Bay Area for over three decades, making him a true Bay Area savant. He earned a Bachelors of Arts degree at UCLA, majoring in Business Economics, then continued his education in Beijing shortly thereafter. He worked as a Certified Public Accountant for 15 years, which trained him to be extremely well-versed in the arena of taxes and finances.

Indeed, his background has equipped him with superior financial knowledge, which is a critical attribute to be a diligent Realtor. His professional and educational backgrounds have tailored him into becoming an exceptional agent, separating him from those who do not have similar qualifications. As a CPA, he is accustomed to helping people plan for the future and prosper; he strives to help clients achieve for the American Dream by building equity through homeownership.

Armed with an incredible aptitude in market analysis and predictions, Rick is skillful at evaluating how to create wealth for investors. He knows how to match a home and neighborhood to a client’s profile, and importantly, how to identify what isn’t a good fit for a client. He holds extensive knowledge about the real estate market in the Peninsula region of the San Francisco Bay Area, particularly cities from Millbrae through Foster City.

Rick mostly focuses on residential properties, leaning toward the high end. He deals with many investment properties and is also venturing into commercial. He always seeks to smooth all ruffled feathers during what can be a headache-riddled home buying process. Adamant to ensure that the process will not be stressful, he always thinks ahead and takes major precautionary measures. He feels inspired when he helps clients find their dream home amid the dauntingly competitive local market. Rick currently resides in the Bay Area’s mid-Peninsula.

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