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Exceptional and dedicated customer service is Sonal’s priority, whether working with buyers or sellers. Her commitment is her unwavering dependability and personalized service for each client and she prides herself in being accessible and responsive, resourceful and discreet. She works tirelessly and persistently to make her clients achieve their goals.

Having lived in 4 different countries and successfully buying and selling properties in different parts of the world, Sonal completely understands how overwhelming the process of home buying and selling can be. Therefore, she assures her clients complete transparency and a step by step explanation and guidance along the way to make it smooth and successful for them.

Sonal’s unique background and over 22 years of customer service, retail, hospitality, sales and real estate background, professional experience have enabled her to develop a broad range of skills perfectly suited to the real estate industry.

With 2 children in the Burlingame Public Schools, she is keenly aware of the important role schools and community play in a family’s decision to purchase a home.

Sonal truly understands what home means to an individual. Her warmth and dedication combined with unparalleled resources, create a winning combination for anyone to accomplish their real estate goals.

"Some things in life are Simple and Straightforward... Working with Sonal is one of them."


“I have been looking at the housing market for a long time, met with many real estate agents in the past but never made the move until I met Sonal. She is one of the few friendly agents that easily makes anyone feel comfortable and approachable with any questions or concerns. As a first time home buyer, Sonal helped me understand the entire home buying process, setting up with pre-approvals while continue to watch the market closely. Initially, I had little expectation, but she gave me a boost of confidence and found a rare off market deal that matched what I was looking for. Thanks to her diligence, we closed the deal swiftly. She is always communicating around the clock and worked with my hectic work schedule as well. After the sale was made, she continued to help me ease into my new home. Sonal followed through with making sure everything is cleared off, like making sure with the previous owner returning everything to the HoA, which helped avoid unnecessary penalties, despite it wasn't her responsibility. She has vast knowledge about the neighborhood, and recommended a good list of contractors in the short amount of time I had to make repairs in the home. Sonal is a rare gem and a dear friend in the neighborhood. She cares deeply about her clients rather than just pure business. I look forward to working with Sonal again, I can only speak highly of her services and would recommend her to anyone!”

"Sonal came to the rescue for us in the competitive real estate market of early 2018. By the time we met Sonal, we had been scouring the market for months and had made several bids with an independent realtor, each time well above asking price, and yet each time failing to secure the house we wanted. We met Sonal at an open house and, although we didn't bid on that property, we were impressed with her expertise and advice, and when our other realtor became unresponsive, we set up a meeting with Sonal. She took the time to really inquire about what kind of properties interested us and walked us through the steps that were necessary to prepare competitive offers in the peninsula market. She advised us to change our pre-approval from a lesser-known online mortgage lender to a reputable local bank, and was always available show us houses that interested us, whenever possible on a same-day basis. When we finally found a house that fit, we were prepared to offer well over asking price again, as that seemed to be the norm at the time, but Sonal counseled us based on comparable houses that she thought we should bid at asking price instead. We took her advice, and when the sellers countered only 1% higher, we accepted and were finally in contract. We got the house we wanted with the very first offer we made with Sonal's assistance, at a price we thought was reasonable. We will certainly work with her again the next time we are in the market here, and highly recommend her to others."

“We loved working with Sonal during our home search. In particular: 1) She was extremely knowledgeable about the area. She showed us the various areas of Burlingame and gave us the inside scoop on the various neighborhoods, schools, events, and more. 2) She worked tirelessly for us. We had many late night calls after dinner to discuss homes and offers, and she would meet us after dinner to give us additional showings when needed. 3) She is well connected. She seemed to know everyone in the area and had great leads that had not hit the market yet. 4) Perhaps most importantly, she cared about us personally and got to know us really well, which helped the search go smoothly since she knew exactly what we were looking for. Even after we moved in, Sonal has been great about answering our questions and giving recommendations. We couldn't be happier!”

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