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Marquette University - Business
                Mens Soccer
University of Missouri Kansas City - Communications
                Mens Soccer
Champions School of Real Estate
                TX Salesperson (0659931)
Metrotex Realtor


Allen Community Outreach
Youth on Course

About Tyler
Moving is more than simply finding a house to live in; it’s finding a home… a neighborhood... a lifestyle. Any agent can search the market and negotiate for a roof over your head, but will he put you in the right area for that lifestyle? Is he truly familiar with you and your style? Are they familiar with everything DFW, from neighborhoods and school districts to restaurants and recreation? Do they understand that this is one of the biggest investments of your life so it should be more than just walls to reside in? That’s the information and treatment clients deserve and are guaranteed working with Tyler, the Thompson Group and Compass East Dallas. The consult and service is free of charge and is designed to create a synergy on the desires of the individual. Tyler takes the time to meet his clients and listen to their story to really understand who they are and what they are looking for. If that is the perfect rental to learn a new area or purchasing a dream or starter home, Tyler will provide advice and insight into whatever avenue suits you. With so much up and coming development and even more already established and evolving, there is bound to be a fit for everyone deep in the heart of Texas.

Moving to a new place, especially a big city, can come with a mixed bag of emotions and after going through that himself, Tyler can help simplify one of the most important elements of moving; moving in. Since relocating to Dallas 12 years ago, Tyler has taken the time to learn what DFW truly has to offer. He understands the metroplex and stays plugged into all of its neighborhoods and current trends, not just limited to the real estate market. As an investor of time and money, he knows that knowledge and information is power and gets things done. A desire to help others and share what he has learned with current and prospective residents, as well as a tight network of select affiliates, prompted him to begin a full-time career as an agent and consultant. Tyler started his residential work in 2014 with a burning interest to learn and serve the entire metro, which he still works with a big focus on the Urban Core of Dallas. A current resident of Bryan Place and member of a Lakewood centric team, Tyler lives, works and breathes East Dallas.

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