Yesenia Rogers

Yesenia Rogers

DRE #: 02057277
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Languages: Spanish

About Yesenia

Yesenia is a dedicated realtor, who is deeply familiar with the bay area home market. She has efficiently dealt with a variety of properties in San Francisco, Marin, South Bay and surrounding areas and understands the complexities involved in the buying and selling process.

As a genuine professional, she understands that buying or selling your home is more than just a transaction: it's an experience that can change your life. She is dedicated to providing exceptional and personalized service for all her clients and takes great pride in her skills of building strong and trustworthy relationships. She pledges to stay in constant communication with you throughout the process and is always working relentlessly on your behalf to help achieve your goals.

Her philosophy is simple: Clients always come first!

She invests her time in understanding your priorities and fine-tunes her services accordingly. Yesenia believes that if you're not left with a fantastic experience, she hasn't done her job. She does not measure her success through achievements or awards, but she considers the satisfaction of her clients her real achievement. As a team member of The Krishnan Team, a well-known and respected brand, Yesenia and her team are committed to the highest level of service for you as a client.


As a team member of The Krishnan Team at Compass, a very well known and respected brand, Yesenia and her team are committed to the highest level of service for their clients. Prior to real estate, she was in the concierge business, servicing elite clients, which polished her skills to anticipate the needs of the clients, think ahead and innovate.     

Client Testimonials

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"Yesenia Rogers and the Krishnan Team have exceeded our expectations in every way.
My husband and I had been thinking about buying a house in San Francisco for years but were quite intimidated by the aggressiveness of the market. We were stuck in limbo. We finally contacted the Krishnan Team and several other top real estate agents for advice on how to prepare to buy in the San Francisco market, and during a global pandemic, no less. Due to limited supply and the enduring competitive market, we did not think it would be possible for find and buy a home during shelter-in-place. Still, we wanted to get solid advice and prepare to meaningfully participate in the market once supply picked up.
Last week, less than two months after I initially contacted the Krishnan Team, we closed on our new house--a house that gives us everything we need for the future to come. We accomplished this only due to the relentless support of Yesenia and the Krishnan team. From within minutes of my first email contacting the team, they have been in constant contact with us, holding our hands through the buying process, from securing financing through closing.
We interviewed multiple top real estate agents in San Francisco but chose to work with the Krishnan Team for several reasons. First, in our initial consultation with Ruth, we felt heard in every respect--Ruth was attentive to our questions and responded with clear answers. Second, Ruth did not take for granted that we would choose to work with her team. She educated us on the way her team works and the ways in which that makes clients' experiences distinguishable for working with other agents. Third, after talking with Ruth, we felt strongly that her team's reputation in the industry and approach to negotiation would provide access to the best available information, aiding our ability to make a winning offer without overpaying. Finally, and significantly, we were impressed with Yesenia and Ruth's team-based approach to buying and selling.
In terms of team structure, Ruth focuses on representing sellers, and Yesenia focuses on representing buyers. This ensures that both buyers and sellers receive the full attention of a dedicated agent. Yesenia was entirely dedicated to us and always made us feel like her first priority. I know she was serving other clients, but cannot figure out how she was doing it. We felt that we had her full attention at all times. She was unyieldingly responsive at all hours. She made time to view properties with us, sometimes within only an hour or two after we asked to do so. When I expressed my amazement to Yesenia as to how she was able to give us such first-class treatment, she would say: "It makes such a big difference working with a team." I still think that Yesenia is part super hero, but I take her point that having the support of a team yields great benefits.
With the support of the Krishnan Team, we regularly were able to get in to see properties on very short notice DURING A GLOBAL PANDEMIC and we had multiple professionals available to us to review disclosures for homes on which we were considering making offers. This allowed us to move quickly in deciding whether to make offers on sought-after properties. We also benefitted from Ruth's insights from the selling side, as Yesenia and Ruth consult closely on all of the team's business. Moreover, Yesenia and Ruth's reputation in the industry opened doors for us. Indeed, on one property we seriously were considering (but did not ultimately offer on), the sellers' agent said that, given his past experience working opposite the Krishnan Team, he would encourage his clients to sign our offer over others, as he knew the closing process would proceed smoothly. All of these factors put us at a huge advantage in a hyper-competitive market.
We also felt tremendously advantaged due to all that Yesenia brought to our collaboration. Yesenia is practical, thoughtful, and honest in her evaluation of homes. She also is outrageously hardworking--finding us potential properties of interest that our own searches did not uncover. And, she also was meticulous in reviewing disclosures for properties on which were considering making offers, identifying and explaining issues of concern, and estimating the potential related costs of any needed (or wanted) repairs or renovations. After our offer ultimately was accepted, Yesenia walked us through every step of the closing process.
Overall, Yesenia is an honest, ethical, and exceptionally competent advocate for us in all regards. Finally, besides being an effective and consummate professional, Yesenia is a friend. She is understanding, supportive, trustworthy, and a pleasure to be around. We could not recommend her more highly."

"My partner and I worked with Yesenia to buy a house in corona heights this fall. The whole experience was better than I had any reason to expect, and I'd recommend Yesenia and the Krishnan team to anyone looking to buy in SF.
We interviewed several buyer agents before going with Yesenia. We were looking for an agent with a solid understanding of SF market, lots of recent experience, and who would negotiate aggressively on our behalf. Yesenia was all that and more.
Yesenia was fast and responsive throughout the entire search, and was able to get us into houses soon after they came on the market, sometimes just hours after listing. The morning we got our first disclosure packet, she spent several hours that afternoon reviewing it in detail with us over zoom. She reviewed each disclosure packet closely with her team, and was quick to point out hidden costs and red flags. As another reviewer mentioned: I know Yesenia had other clients while she was working with us, I just don't know how it was physically possible.
Yesenia worked with us and our lender to make sure we were prepared to make competitive offers at multiple prices. When we were ready to make our first (and as it would turn out, only) offer, the process was fast and seamless. Yesenia made sure we had the most attractive offer possible at our price point, and worked to keep us out of a bidding war.
I should mention that all of this happened during the COVID-19 pandemic, while SF was under shelter-in-place, and while the city was filled with smoke from multiple record-setting wildfires nearby. On top of all that, my partner and I were incommunicado on a long-scheduled backpacking trip the week before closing. None of this stopped Yesenia, or even seemed to slow her down.”
- Eileen and Chris

"I highly recommend working with Yesenia!
I recently purchased my first home (still surreal) working with Yesenia from the Ruth Krishnan team. It was a wonderful experience and I fully intend to work with Yesenia again in future purchases/sales.
Throughout the process Yesenia was incredibly professional, thoughtful and well-informed. As a first time home buyer (esp. during COVID) I was anxious about the process and she patiently walked me through all the steps of home buying. I genuinely felt cared for and feel very grateful that we selected Yesenia as our agent.
Yesenia was very responsive, efficient, thorough and able to answer any question and explain every document with ease. With her expertise, masterful negotiation and strong partnerships with the selling agent, I bought my first home in only two months of working together. She went above and beyond several times to close the deal and I couldn't have done this without her.
Thank you Yesenia for making my dream come true!”
- Sven

"I worked with Yesenia in the purchase on my first home. The San Francisco market is quite unique and the Krishnan Team is highly knowledgeable of what it entails to have a successful experience in this city. During the uncertainties of the pandemic, Yesenia kept me updated on the state of the market and once I was ready, we began looking at homes. Yesenia took a lot of care in helping me assess each potential purchase and also found a listing that was exactly the type of home I was looking for.
Throughout the process, Yesenia was extremely thorough in explaining each of the many steps. Getting into contract and the negotiation process was quite seamless and incredibly fast. I could truly understand the benefits of working with a team that is highly experienced and skilled, as I was able to go from seeing a home for the first time to living in it in just about a month. As a first-time buyer, there are so many "firsts" to go through when buying a home, and Yesenia guided me at every step of the way. She answered every question I had and made sure I had all the information I needed in order to proceed with confidence. I highly recommend you work with Yesenia.”
- Carla

"Yesenia helped us every step of the way with buying our first home. She was very responsive and we never felt alone or in the dark about the next steps. She listened carefully to our needs, and gave great advice when it came time to actually see and evaluate houses. When we found the house we wanted, she communicated clearly about what it would take to win. We got the house! After getting into contract, she stayed plugged in the whole time until we had keys in our hands. Her referrals to lenders were also excellent - we got an extremely low interest rate.
I'd recommend Yesenia to anyone who is serious about buying. She's not pushy, but she is efficient and gets results."

"Yesenia is AMAZING! I was a first-time home buyer and was pretty intimidated by the whole process, particularly during a pandemic. From the very beginning Yesenia was so knowledgable and explained every little step to me. I was especially nervous about offer day as I did NOT want to get into a bidding war as is common in the competitive SF market. Yesenia handled everything so expertly - she found out exactly what the other offers were so that when we put my offer in we already knew it would win. Because of her there was no guessing involved and I didn't pay a dollar over what I had to! I really got the sense that she was fighting for me, not just on offer day but throughout the whole process - she was so patient with me but very no-nonsense in dealing with others on my behalf.
I have now been in my new home for a week and I could not be happier! It is honestly perfect and I really do not think I could have found something this great, within my budget, and so fast with any other agent.
I will definitely be recommending Yesenia to all my friends and family looking to purchase in SF! THANK YOU YESENIA!!!"