Zeno Bain

Zeno Bain

Mollaan Babbington Group | Real Estate Salesperson


Licensed in DC

Buyer's agent, Listing agent
About Zeno
Zeno Bain has a B.S. in Environmental Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has a background in analyzing and regulating drinking water contaminants; managing and registering antimicrobial pesticides; and advising on sustainable approaches to increase resiliency of communities and infrastructure after disasters.

Zeno has over twenty years experience in the real estate industry, particularly focused on the real estate trends of Washington, DC with a sagacious discernment for the investment potential of Washington, DC real estate. He has a passion for real estate that he enjoys sharing with his clients, and knowledge invaluable to the first-time buyer or seasoned developer. Zeno’s clients appreciate and trust the unique combination of his personal attention and analytical evaluations through a service-oriented approach. Zeno is particularly poised to support development projects from conception to delivery, offering insight for development options to increase product performance, including commercial real estate. He is also supported by an experienced team of professionals to facilitate solutions to any obstacle in the process.

Experiencing the value of real estate first-hand, Zeno’s goal is to develop generational wealth through real estate and facilitate others in doing the same. As Zeno says, “I started investing in real estate with less money than the cost of security deposit for an apartment and within a few years, had enough equity to buy and rehab my second investment property.” At the age of 21, with no experience or mentors in real estate, he reflects on the importance of professional real estate agents and the trust he placed in a diligent real estate agent in buying his first piece of real estate, a condo during a depressed 1998 market in Alexandria, VA. The navigation this real estate agent provided was especially invaluable, since this purchase was made after a weekend road trip to DC from Boston, during finals week at MIT and prior to moving for his first real job as a consultant for Accenture. Zeno became licensed and bought his second property, a fixer-upper in 2002 in the Petworth neighborhood of DC. Interestingly, in 2013, Petworth was named “the best neighborhood in the country to flip a house”, according to a report from Redfin, at least when looking at raw profits. He continued to invest in real estate and managed acquisition, development and sales for the team of his first condominium development in 2006, in the Columbia Heights neighborhood just prior to its major revitalization. Zeno and his team’s recent condominium project, the RyZen (www.ryzen.com), near U Street in truly magnificent.

Zeno was born in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands and made Washington, DC his home, spending the majority of his life in this beautiful city and witnessing the transitions of neighborhoods through this time. An investment in real estate is also an investment in the neighborhood, the city and the region. Zeno will not sell you anything that he has not bought into and he has bought into real estate investing in this city. He loves all that DC has to offer from the architectural beauties and serene green spaces, the intellectual depths of museums and artistic masterpieces of galleries, and the mixing of international cultures and history of this city in American culture.