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About Sarah

Sarah combines deep market knowledge and negotiating savvy with patience and warmth to help clients meet their goals. Since 2012, she has sold $50 million in property in the Boston area. In a tight market, she is an effective advocate and is able to access both off-market and on-market properties.

Sarah is a problem-solver with a team of professionals that enable her to serve clients from pre-purchase through major renovations. She has helped clients build homes, built stunning custom websites, staged homes for sale to increase their appeal and value, and found properties that were not for sale for clients where none of the properties on the market fit.

Sarah launched her career in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2004, during a record-breaking period of real estate growth. She was part of a team that sold properties totaling $100 million in less than three years. There Sarah specialized in selling multi unit properties to a group of California investors. Her most notable sale was a 43-unit apartment building. At just 26, she bought her first home in Las Vegas. Once happily ensconced back in her native Boston, Sarah launched her own real estate business in 2008.

Her talents stretch beyond the business of real estate. Sarah is a passionate advocate for her clients, encouraging them to think holistically about value, renovations, time lines. Well-respected throughout the city for her reliability, honesty, charisma and candor, Sarah is connected with lenders, inspectors, attorneys, appraisers, brokers, interior designers, organizers, movers, and other housing professionals. Each client benefits from the breadth of her network.

Sarah has 15 years of experience in real estate and is herself an investor and home-owner. She served on the board for The Colored Pencil Project, a Boston-based nonprofit organization that brought art supplies and self-expression workshops to over 10,000 children in developing countries. Sarah is an art lover who lives in Watertown with her husband and young daughter.

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