Helene Barkin

Helene Barkin

Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist | DRE# 01032351


Buyers, Distinctive Homes, Fine Homes, Luxury Properties, Relocation, Residential, Sellers


University of California, Los Angeles - Masters Degree, Clinical Social Work

University of California, Los Angeles - Bachelor of Arts, Psychology

Client Testimonials

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"It is not by coincidence that she enjoys the sterling reputation she so generously deserves."

In this world of constant competition, Helene’s many loyal clients would agree with me that when it comes to buying and selling any home, Helene ranks many notches above the very best. I cannot recommend her enough and count myself very fortunate to know her. I am a very appreciative client – I credit Helene for the achievement of setting a record for having sold my home for the highest price per square foot in the Berkeley/Oakland hills. I can only talk in the superlative about her devotion to her clients and unsurpassed professionalism. The affection and admiration I have for her spans decades and is the result of a multitude of real estate finds and investment opportunities she so wisely encouraged me to pursue. Her understanding of the market is unequaled. Her pursuit of excellence in every deal she undertakes, and her sheer determination to understand a client’s needs as well as her drive to exceed their expectations is indisputable. It is not by coincidence that she enjoys the sterling reputation she so generously deserves. She is the hardest working, most knowledgeable and most involved real estate professional I have ever worked with, with an un-erasable smile and refreshing humility always there to provide you comfort and wisdom..

- Charles


"She’s in another league of professionalism, expertise, market savviness and hustle."

Helene made our dreams come true. Truly! We know we wouldn’t be here today were it not for her exceptional talent, timeless work ethic and her dedication to her clients. From beginning to end, she made the home buying experience as seamless as possible and went out of her way to educate us on everything from the market, to negotiating tactics, to important ‘watch outs with older homes.’ We felt like we had the best champion throughout the process and when it was go-time on a very tough negotiation, she delivered big time and we now own the house of our dreams. I know from other people we’ve talked to that Helene truly goes above and beyond what other agents do. She’s in another league of professionalism, expertise, market savviness and hustle. Several of our friends have worked with Helene and feel the same way we do. Our professional fields are competitive and so we know what it takes to navigate in the business world. We have been impressed from beginning to end with Helene’s honesty, integrity. and her savvy, mixed with a large dose of kindness, to be able to deliver the goods. As we wake up each morning in this wonderful home, we are endlessly grateful and are thrilled to give her the highest recommendation possible.
- Ashley and Colin


"She was level-headed and calm during a late night high pressure negotiation, and we believe her relationships and reputation were a critical reason in us winning out over other offers."

More than just her deep knowledge of the real estate market, diligence process, contractual nuances, and negotiations tactics — she knows people! Helene recently ushered us through the stressful process that is buying a house in the bay area. Helene is balanced and extremely experienced but most of all, she listens, learns, and adapts as our needs and wants evolved. It seemed like she was able to intuit our needs and preferences before we even realized them ourselves! She operated with the utmost patience and without skipping a beat as we navigated inventory and changed our minds about our priorities many times. When it came to contract negotiation, Helene helped us prevail in a competitive situation, ultimately getting our dream home! She was level-headed and calm during a late night high pressure negotiation, and we believe her relationships and reputation were a critical reason in us winning out over other offers. Helene made herself available around the clock and we felt as if we were her only client. Not only that…she was FUN and a pleasure to work with! As if aiding us close the sale transaction wasn’t enough, Helene went the extra mile in offering her interior design skills. She helped us understand where our personal items could be placed in the new space. Moreover she brokered offers of buying some of the seller’s items for us. In summary, Helene is a full service / experienced broker that WILL have your best interests in mind and guide you through the process of buying a house — end-to-end! You will be in safe hands! We couldn’t recommend any broker over Helene.
- Joshua and Lindsay


"In all our real estate experiences, only you have been the broker I felt we could trust. Our whole family is richer (by richer, I mean depth of experience, but the meaning applies as well!) for your presence in our lives.."

While we have made the decision to leave Berkeley, there are people who have been very important to us here, and you are among them. When I was a younger woman, I never expected to be involved in the many property purchases and sales that we have been over the years – both in the Napa Valley and in the East Bay. In all our real estate experiences, only you have been the broker I felt we could trust. I have especially enjoyed the sense that from the beginning, you “see” us – see who we are. That seems a rare thing in the world of real estate, but also in friendships and people in general. I don’t always look forward to the nuts and bolts of buying/selling/moving, but I DO look forward to your insight and our interactions, whether they be over coffee, dinner…or a deal! Our whole family is richer (by richer, I mean depth of experience, but the meaning applies as well!) for your presence in our lives. All to say, the sentiments you express are mutually felt by us.
- Celia R.


"We Were Really Impressed with Helene’s Deep Knowledge and Finger on the Pulse."

We were immediately impressed with her deep knowledge of the market for homes in Berkeley, Oakland and Piedmont. Through her network with others in the industry, we were able to see a number of homes before they were publicly listed. One thing we were really impressed with is Helene’s finger on the pulse of the market. She accurately estimated the final sales price of every house that we were going to bid on. We are thrilled with our new home. The property attracted a great deal of interest, resulting in seven offers, and we know we would not have been successful in purchasing the house without Helene’s dedicated work and good relationship with the selling broker. She was in constant communication with the seller’s broker and really advocated for us. We have the highest regard for Helene and have already recommended her to several friends
- George and Judy


"She Calls the Shots Really Honestly. Helene Is Spot On!"

We weren’t actually looking to buy, but suddenly there we were standing in a fabulous house in the ideal neighborhood. Taking a brisk walk through the Claremont Hills on a Sunday afternoon brought us here. We had wanted to move closer to things that interested us culturally. We would need tip-top dollar on our home in Piedmont to make the leap. Helene was immediately helpful and responsive. She proposed a clever strategy that resulted in a landmark price for our home. We were so impressed. Helene is pristine in everything she does. She handles every aspect expertly. Her ethics are totally within her being, and you know her numbers are correct. She calls the shots really honestly. Helene is spot on!
- Terri and Debbi

Helene is a brilliant woman with steely nerves and an unwavering focus on her client’s success. By contrast, the times when we have cooperated on real estate transactions have been a pure joy. Helene never procrastinates and always anticipates a solution to the next obstacle.

- John


"You are a miracle worker!"

Well, I guess it’s over for the time being! I am going to miss our many-times-a-day phone and email exchanges. These last couple of months have been busy, at times frustrating, but ultimately very, very successful. I think we did very well. All three properties are good choices and will likely be good long term investments. You have been wonderful. We would never have been able to do this without you, especially your amazing ability to make people want to sell to us! Three for three this time, in addition to the ones past. I don’t know how you do that, but you are absolute magic on that score — sort of like one of Harry Potter’s spells! Once again, I just want to say thank you for all the great diligence and help. You are a miracle worker!
- Kent

About Helene
Broad Vision and Laser-Beam Focus

As your agent, you are inviting me into your life at a time of great change as you undertake an enormous financial transaction. Every such experience has its unique circumstances, and each buyer and seller has their own set of expectations and emotions. My approach, refined through extensive experience, is one of diligence and engagement, and hinges on a total commitment to your goals to ensure a successful outcome. My clients know that by working with me, they will have peace of mind through a whirlwind process.

My unwavering commitment to achieve the best results encompasses in-depth knowledge balanced with sensitivity, keen judgment and a generous dash of humor. I listen closely to my clients, and also to the street. I continually reassess the neighborhood, the community, and the marketplace at your precise moment in time and in the context of your specific needs and wishes. My training as a psychotherapist, coupled with my background in interior design, further enrich my approach and my practice.

The increasing complexity of the world of real estate has added new demands and opportunities to the arena, and remaining at the forefront involves a comprehensive toolbox. I have consistently achieved landmark results through a distinctive combination of vision, tenacity and intuition, rooted in the firm ground of my negotiating experience.

Throughout my 30 year career, I have been repeatedly recognized as among the elite Top Producing Agents, both locally and nationally. I specialize in providing outstanding and highly individualized service to Bay Area buyers and sellers of all sizes of homes, from lofts and condominiums to luxury estates. As a Certified Luxury Home Specialist, the key to meeting my clients’ demands at the highest level depends on foresight, meticulous attention to detail, and committed follow-through.

I am honored that my clients rely on me so fully and I always work to uphold and reinforce that trust. 

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