About Jess

Jess' ten years of real estate experience has allowed him to work beyond the textbook approach to selling real estate. He began his real estate career in San Diego when he was in college. From there, Jess moved to the San Francisco market where he has quickly established himself at the top 3% of real estate agents.

Jess knows the San Francisco market and is well respected among his peers. His Rolodex (well, his iPad equivalent) is full of satisfied clients and other real estate professionals. This solid network is a valuable resource that gives him an edge.

Passion drives Jess. Dedication for his clients translates into a deeper understanding of clients` needs to make sure their selling at the right time or buying the perfect house that fits their lifestyle, not just their budget.

The San Francisco real estate market changes quickly, and Jess finds innovative approaches to selling and buying. He`s an early adopter of real estate technology and constantly implements new systems to streamline transactions and save clients valuable time.

Every deal is unique with its own challenges. He has the experience and creative thinking to meet these challenges head-on. Once a client has made their first sale or buy with Jess, he is always thrilled by the many times they have called him again to make their second and third.

When he isn`t working, you will find Jess helping the homeless with Bridgemen, travelling to far away places like Socotra Island, or in Tahoe with his ski club.

Jess Williams’ Recent Transactions