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KAREN GUNN People, Process & Properties- Karen Gunn has a diversity of sales and leadership background that enables her to be an exceptional advocate for her clients. Prior to formally entering the field of real estate in 2008, Karen partnered on facilitating a number of projects in California, Oregon, Kentucky and Canada to acquire both residential and commercial properties. Having specialized in overseeing large jobs in the past Karen has managed major marketing rollouts for large-scale projects and understands the critical importance of building long-term relationships and applying an analytical framework to major financial decisions. Karen has successfully orchestrated countless transactions for clients utilizing these same core principles.

Karen's passion for design, gardening and transformation of personal space is a helpful tool in guiding clients to determine their personal preferences and associated costs. She applies her interest and aptitude for design in the preparation of a client’s home for sale, post-purchase remodel or interior material, finish selection and out door design elements. Karen has a strong grasp of land versus house values on the Peninsula and is particularly adept at helping clients understand the cost benefit analysis of remodeling/ building a home. She often advises her clients on what improvements translate to personal fulfillment versus those that add intrinsic value to the home for resale.

Karen's interest in real estate comes from growing up in a large family and a father who acquired properties focused on appreciation and cash flow to supplement the family income. Karen has lived in Woodside & Portola Valley for over 25 years and raised her family. Her tenure on the Peninsula gives her unmatched knowledge of the nuances of different local areas, appreciating neighborhoods and development trends in home design. Karen's mission is to provide clients with the information they need to make good decisions and support they need to achieve their real estate goals.


“Karen has been an exceptional advocate for me in finding the right property, working with knowledgable lenders, understanding market conditions and landing the right price to get a deal done. With her team of professionals, the escrow was smooth and we closed on time. Her experience and vision for transforming space and helping quantify the cost to make improvement early on when evaluating the property was helpful in managing expectations and understanding the process and pricing.”

“Karen has been helpful in getting my investment properties more up to date by suggesting a number of upgrades and improvements. As a result, I am getting more money/month and they rent immediately. Karen is great to work with and I am now considering the idea of selling properties that I have owned for a very long time in a 1031 exchange as a tax strategy. I am looking forward to simplifying my life one day at a time and also having a long term plan to manage my real estate and eventually pass on to my heirs.”

“I met Karen at an open house and I appreciated her knowledge, delightful personality and follow through to help me clarify what I needed to do to get my house sold and move closer to family. Me and my wife had lived in our Menlo Park house for over 40 years together and I was overwhelmed after she dies with the amount of work and upkeep. Karen helped me and my son, who lived out of state, to find the right attorneys, accountants, estate team, moving professionals, housecleaners and gardeners to prepare both my home and condo for sale. Both transactions were a huge success and set new record highs in their respective areas. My son and I were not overly excited to pay the huge capital gain taxes generated by the two sales but at the end of the day we were excited to get multiple offers on both transactions and a great price. It was a smooth move and it made my son and I both feel confident that we had taken the overall best strategy. We can not thank Karen enough for her patience, guidence and understanding in helping us through the process.”

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