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    Lamisse grew up in Noe Valley among a family of real estate professionals. Her deep understanding of the San Francisco market springs from this early exposure — to which she’s added her own intelligence and aptitude. Lamisse credits her mother, BJ Droubi, for priming her for success. BJ raised Lamisse to invest in relationships built on trust.

    Since 1998, Lamisse has consistently distinguished herself as exactly the sort of agent a busy professional seeks: charismatic, efficient, and unflinching in negotiations without sacrificing her smile. These natural talents keep her consistently ranked as one of the top realtors in the city.

    Lamisse is easy to work with and is widely liked and respected throughout the real estate community. She understands how intense real estate dealings can be. Her empathy, as much as her wealth of experience, helps to keep her clients extremely satisfied year after year.

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