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Nancy Mazza, a native San Franciscan (third generation), has been active in the San Francisco residential real estate market for more than 30 years….and still loves it! She obtained her Real Estate Broker`s license in 1981. She joined Compass in 2018. She is a member of the San Francisco Association of Realtors.

Fine food and discovering the many places to eat in San Francisco is considered a hobby for Nancy (ask her for some recommendations). She is also an avid San Francisco Giants` fan, as well as an admirer and patron to San Francisco`s opera, symphony and ballet.

""Thirty five years in the business and I still love it! That`s an accomplishment of which I`m proud!"" - Nancy Mazza


Nancy was an incredible agent; I can't recommend her highly enough. She took the time to get to know me and then really helped me zero in on what was most important to me in a new place to live. With that knowledge she was able to gently push me to consider properties that I was not originally going to look at and was always realistic about what was possible and when it made sense to reach. The lovely condo I just closed on this week was in fact one of those locations I had decided to pass on and only went to see based on her encouragement. I'm so happy with my new home and so grateful to Nancy for all of her work and guidance getting me there! -Lisa S.

It's a shame that this does not allow for more than five stars as Nancy is by far and away the best real estate agent I have ever dealt with in CA. She helped me sell a house which really doesn't describe what she did. First of all Nancy is a PRO. By that I mean she isn't one of those "Well I have nothing else to do with my life so I'll become a real estate agent" amateurs. Nope Nancy knows real estate like the back of her hand and it was her expertise that allowed the house to be sold beyond anything I could have imagined. She was very clear in explaining that she understood the San Francisco real estate market and defined a strategy that won the day.?In fact I would call it "CONCIERGE REAL ESTATE" as she made me feel as though I was a customer requiring Ritz-Carlton-like satisfaction. She handled the painting the floors the garbage the basement hauling. She even brought in her own accessories for the showings which made the house look stunning. Despite a plethora of other homes for sale nearby Nancy was able to have an offer to me in less than a week. Amazing since the other homes had been on longer and still hadn't sold.?So I would not only recommend her to anyone selling a home in SF but also to anyone looking to buy a home in the City which is getting harder to do nowadays. I wish she would teach other agents how to be a superstar. Now I am forever spoiled. -Bettina D

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