About Samantha

Samantha has always found herself to be full of passion and competitiveness. From a young age, Samantha and her brother, Stephen, have developed an affinity for success which was quickly learned while playing sports. Samantha's 11 years of competitive volleyball has helped shape her into the driven individual she is today, and has also influenced her decision to continue striving for success in the family business. Throughout her childhood, her mother and father echoed the importance of motivation, determination and teamwork. These learned values translated well into Samantha's ability to be a key factor in her family's real estate businesses. Her mother and father have both been her best mentors and have been influential in teaching her the traits of a successful team player both in life and business. Giving back to her community has allowed Samantha an outlet to create an enjoyable balance in her busy life. Samantha and her mother share a strong devotion to working with rescue dogs and adopting puppies while finding them happy homes.