About Stephen

Stephen grew up in the Peninsula and has been surrounded with real estate his entire life. Growing up in a household revolving around real estate evolved naturally as his father works as a contractor and his mother works as a Real Estate Agent. Some of Stephen's earliest memories involve helping his mother with open houses, curiously exploring his father's property plans sprawled out on the dining room table, and listening to their business calls. As a child, Stephen quickly absorbed an extensive amount of real estate knowledge which became evident as he grew older. Stephen's studies at UC Davis led to his degree in Economics which ultimately influenced his high caliber business acumen. Throughout his years, Stephen has been fortunate enough to experience the boom of Silicon Valley real estate, witnessing the excitement of this unique market. Instinctively, Stephen has developed a deep affection for all things real estate and has transferred his lifetime of experience into an opportunity to live and work in the community he cherishes.

Stephen Johnson’s Recent Transactions