Welcome to NoHo

Tucked between the two Villages, Noho is a small downtown nook with an eclectic sensibility and bohemian spirit. Expansive lofts, chic boutiques, and quaint cafes abide in this tiny yet happening neighborhood.

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Commute Times
Columbus Circle 25m by train, 18m by car
Grand Central 19m by train, 12m by car
Union Square 14m by train, 4m by car
Wall Street 21m by train, 9m by car
Nearest Subways
  • 4 train
  • 5 train
  • b train
  • d train
  • f train
  • m train
  • n train
  • r train
East to West Bowery and Broadway
North to South East 8th St. and East Houston St.
Nearby Neighborhoods Greenwich Village, Soho, Nolita, and East Village

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A creative pocket of Downtown Manhattan.

Noho, short for North of Houston, has a reputation of being one of the most in-demand neighborhoods in New York City. The area’s long-standing commercial history from 1850 to the early 1900’s helped shape the neighborhood’s striking architectural features, along with influential residents such as the Delanos and Peter Cooper. Formerly known as the “Warehouse District,” Noho’s vintage store-and-loft buildings have since been modernized to suit a more fashion-forward and edgy downtown styling.

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What to expect:
All of the benefits of living downtown, but also value a quick and easy commute to other parts of the city.

Bounded by Broadway and Bowery, Noho maintains a six-block escape for those looking to get out of the crowds of nearby neighborhoods like Soho, Greenwich Village, or the East Village.
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Noho’s convenient location draws commuters that work in downtown and midtown Manhattan. With eight train lines and transfers to main transit points like Union Square, it’s a great area for Manhattanites that want easy access to other neighborhoods.
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The lifestyle:
Laid-back but constantly stimulating. Days are spent lounging at coffee shops or browsing boutiques, and nights are spent at sleek lounges and art house theaters.

Noho’s entertainment and culture scene is heavily influenced by a history of having artists-in-residence. Colonnade Row is a perfect example of a residential-cultural space, with the Astor Place Theater serving as the original home of the acclaimed Blue Man Group and other off-Broadway shows.
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Film enthusiasts visit the Angelika Film Center for the latest independent viewings while Shakespeare lovers unite at The Public Theater, which also operates the beloved city-summer tradition, Shakespeare in the Park.
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Booklovers and music fans will also find their niche at specialized shops like Dashwood Books which focuses solely on photography, and Other Music, one of the most beloved independent music stores in the city.
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Dining in Noho retains the no-frills and relaxed feel of the neighborhood. Taco shops, food stands and cozy cafes with plenty of walk-in seating combine to create a casual dining scene that’s hip, but still accessible and affordable.
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The market:
Pricey. New luxury buildings near Bowery and walk-ups on side streets are some of the most highly sought-after in the downtown market.

Noho has a relatively diverse mix of real-estate options, albeit in low quantities. Lofts and walk-ups lend themselves to a classic old-New York feel throughout the neighborhood.
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Those looking for a more modern aesthetic can look to the Bond Street Building, an attention-grabbing luxury home nestled between quaint, historical buildings and a cobblestoned street.
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You'll fall in love with:
The unique architectural design and rich artistic history.

Noho is known for its distinctive architectural style. Whether it’s Classical or Renaissance-inspired, Noho displays an eclectic mix of facades around every corner.
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This pocket-sized neighborhood is often overlooked by New Yorkers passing through; for a time it was considered part of Soho instead of its own distinct neighborhood. But now, Noho sports an undeniably distinct charm that isn’t found elsewhere in the city.
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Noho is a neighborhood that gives you plenty of reasons to keep looking up –– you never know what you might discover.
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