Welcome to Upper West Side

Nestled between Riverside and Central Park, the Upper West Side is one of the greenest parts of Manhattan. The Upper West Side is known for popular attractions like the Natural History Museum and Lincoln Center, but relaxed bistros and a lively bar scene defy expectations in this sparkling and cozy uptown neighborhood.

Key Details


1/2/3 train, for foodies, brownstones, early to bed, cultural institutions, upscale, high-rises, waterfront views, quiet & serene, wide open spaces, cozy, private schools, escape from the urban jungle, low-key, walker's paradise, bang for your buck


Commute Times
Columbus Circle 18m by train, 8m by car
Grand Central 26m by train, 15m by car
Union Square 31m by train, 20m by car
Wall Street 34m by train, 29m by car
Nearest Subways
  • 1 train
  • 2 train
  • 3 train
  • a train
  • c train
  • b train
  • d train
East to West Central Park West to the Hudson River
North to South 110th St. to 59th St.
Nearby Neighborhoods Hell’s Kitchen, Theatre District, Morningside Heights and Harlem

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Upper west side:
A cultural enclave with edge.

The Upper West Side has a longstanding reputation for attracting the culturally-aware. Artists, professors, filmmakers, and writers made their homes on the Upper West Side and helped it develop into an urban oasis for intellectual curiosity.

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What to expect:
A sprawling artistic neighborhood with easy access to greenspace.

There’s no lack of greenery on the Upper West Side with both Central Park and Riverside Park. In Central Park, Strawberry Fields, the Great Lawn, and Sheep Meadow are luxurious during the spring.
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Farther west along the Hudson, Riverside Park offers sweeping views of the Hudson River and a quiet path.
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The lifestyle:
Casual strolls along quiet streets and plenty of opportunities to indulge in your cultural curiosity

In the Upper West Side, many blocks feel like quiet, small-town neighborhoods.
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Blocks get a little busier farther south near Columbus Circle. The busy traffic circle is a public transportation hub, entrance to Central Park, and a popular shopping destination.
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The Upper West Side is home to some of the greatest cultural institutions the city has to offer. Lincoln Center hosts the New York City Ballet, The New York Philharmonic Orchestra and a number of other performing arts programs.
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The American Museum of Natural History located in a pocket of Central Park has over 45 exhibits and scientific collections, as well as a planetarium and library.
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The market:
Pricey high-rises and townhouses, but buildings farther north can be more affordable.

The Upper West Side has a large number of condo, co-ops and high-rise buildings.
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Streets lined with brownstones make the Upper West Side feel like mini suburban neighborhoods, with grassy lawns, playgrounds, and grade schools on every block.
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Farther north above the 90s there are smaller, more affordable buildings. Out here, you can still find walk-ups for a steal.
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You'll fall in love with:
The intimate and inviting spirit of the neighborhood.

Cozy brick apartment buildings and tree-lined streets give the neighborhood an intimate and friendly vibe, like a childhood home imported to NYC.
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That's proabably why residents of the Upper West Side have no problem staying young at heart.
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