Welcome to Narberth

A creative, charismatic town on the Main Line that offers its own unique, exclusive community full of local flavor, events and happenings.

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cozy, community, boutiques, arts & culture, festivals, family, eateries, markets


Commute Times
City Hall 31m by train, 25m by car
University of Pennsylvania 31m by train, 21m by car
30th St. Station 24m by train, 22m by car

Around the Block

Hearty community with a centrally located business district.

If you’re considering moving to Narberth, than you’re one of many people that appreciate the beauty, comfort and convenience of this small town. It may be considered off the beaten path of the Main Line neighborhood scene, but it doesn’t stop people from stepping inside its realm. Founded in the late 19th century, Narberth holds some history in certain landmarks.

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What to expect:
Traditions held strong with a close-knit neighbors.

The tradition and hospitality in Narberth are booming, creating a warm, welcoming energy around the town that captivates residents and visitors alike. The residents here like to take care of one another, but also their neighborhoods through community programs and events like NarbEarth day. Here, the people and the land matter culminating in an ultimate living experience.

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The lifestyle:
Browse the shops on Haverford Avenue while taking in the appeal of the town.

Take a stroll down the main street of town and pick up delicious pastries at Le Petit Mitron. Or, if you’re in an artistic mood, stop by The Pottery Corner to check out their collection. You can always also window shop at Sweet Mabel Art & Fine Crafts.

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Unexpected appeal:
Highly ranked for places to live.

Narberth is consider a highly desirable place to live with its proximity to everything, cozy atmosphere and an abundant amount of local happenings. Residents thoroughly enjoy attending and participating in seasonal events such as the 4th of July Parade, and the annual Christmas Dickens festival. There are also lots of festivities happening at the baseball field downtown which is never short to bring in crowds.

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The market:
Established homes with lots of character.

Many of the original homes that were built in Narberth still are standing today, and most are occupied by married couples accompanied by their children. Overall, the community here is pleasant, involved and faithful to their roots.

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You'll fall in love with
Curated experiences and unification of the town.

Since this is such a close-knit area, there’s a wide collection of culture, tradition and overall striking character that separates itself from other suburbs nearby, or all together.

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