Welcome to Carlsbad

The quaint city boasts of beautiful sandy beaches, lagoons, outstanding shopping and incredible sporting events. Known as “the village by the sea,” picturesque Carlsbad has a historic downtown district overlooking the ocean.

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bike-friendly, walkable, golf, beach, flower fields, shopping, restaurants, historic, tourist-friendly, spas, innovation, tech jobs


Commute Times
Downtown San Diego 39 m. by car
LAX Airport 1 hr. 29 m. by car
La Jolla 36 m. by car

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Celebrating mineral springs gives rise to flowers, Legoland and Chopra Center.

Known as “the village by the sea,” picturesque Carlsbad has a historic downtown district overlooking the ocean.

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What to expect:
Diverse communities that stretch from the coastal village, to the planned communities of eastern Carlsbad.

As the town stretches east toward Palomar Airport, golfing manufacturers, corporate offices and biotech parks mesh with the Legoland theme park. Carlsbad is divided into four quadrants. The Northwest section is where the downtown “Village” community is, which includes Old Carlsbad. East of downtown Carlsbad are the communities of Calavera Hills, Bressi Ranch, and to the south is La Costa.

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The lifestyle:
Locals and tourists alike can spend the day at the beach and then stroll into the village for a boutique shopping experience, and delicious bites at recognized restaurants.

This coastal and inland community, you’ll find families living in upscale and upwardly mobile neighborhoods.

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Unexpected appeal:
While it has plenty of modern business and family friendly theme parks, Carlsbad also offers plenty of open space and outdoor activities.

Encompassing two lagoons and plenty of walking and hiking trails, Carlsbad offers outdoor activities for all to love.

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The market:
From attached housing in gated communities to single family estates with plenty of land, these well thought out neighborhoods offer lovely parks, maintained streets, and a proud sense of community.

Carlsbad offers homes that vary from townhomes to planned communities with large single family homes that are great for families. And for those looking for something closer to an urban experience, there are condos and apartments in the buzz of downtown. Median home prices, just below $900,000, are similar to the surrounding areas.

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You'll fall in love with:
From newly dubbed Michelin star restaurants, to the luxurious Omni Resort and Park Hyatt Golf Club & Spa, you can dine and relax in style.

Beyond the spas and golfing, there is shopping from high-end stores in centers to unique boutiques dotting Carlsbad Village. Foodies will fall in love with the fun new additions to the restaurants opening along the State Street corridor.

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