Welcome to Menlo Park

Home to Facebook and much of the Silicon Valley workforce, Menlo Park has an upbeat charm that you won’t be able to resist when popping into shops downtown or exploring the natural spaces outside (and inside!) the neighborhood.

Key Details


suburban, quaint downtown, boutiques, great resturaunts, active community


Commute Times
San Francisco 45m by car
Silicon Valley 20m by car
San Jose 30m by car

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Menlo park:
Suburban charm with the heartbeat of a sunny city.

Drive or walk from home to Santa Cruz Avenue, Menlo Park’s charming main drag, with its fine dining and luxury boutiques — but, be careful, you won’t be able to help striking up a conversation with a friendly shopkeeper.

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What to expect:
An active community with a carpe diem attitude.

Menlo Park runs, bikes, kayaks and hikes — and it’s not shy about it. It’s a town that plays hard during the day and tends to go to bed early.

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The lifestyle:
Though more and more restaurants are catering to European-style late-night eats and outdoor bistro tables, Menlo Park lacks any real nightlife, but for dog lovers and families, it’s idyllic: Kids run around in the park on sunny afternoons while happy dogs trot beside avid runners.

Dog- and family-friendly, with a penchant for being outside.

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Unexpected appeal:
Friendly neighbors and relaxing vibes to balance out busy tech life.

This is the kind of community where you smile at your neighbors and stop for a chat when you run into each other at the farmer’s market — a hometown respite amidst the whirlwind of tech craziness.

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The market:
Options for luxury or convenience — or both.

With median home prices at $2.2 million, Menlo Park has lots of variety for anyone looking to center themselves in the heart of Silicon Valley — from glass-walled modern marvels and quaint country escapes to cottages close to downtown.

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You'll fall in love with:
The sense of calm and ease that just can’t be helped.

Menlo Park is steady and upbeat, like a well-tuned guitar strummed outside for a crowd of friends, and the gorgeous weather means you’ll want to be out and about all year round.

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