Welcome to Mountain View

Home to tech giants and pulsing with the beat of Silicon Valley excitement, Mountain View is full of energy and vibrancy, and yet its casual enough to maintain an air of a welcoming town more than a busy city.

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Commute Times
San Francisco 15m by train, 45m by car
Palo Alto 8m by train, 12m by car
San Jose 22m by train, 20m by car

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Mountain view
At the heart of Silicon Valley.

Mountain View is ideal for any stage of life, since it has some nightlife options for the work-hard-play-hard types, outdoor adventures to explore for weekend warriors, and delightfully family-friendly neighborhoods for those with kids in tow.

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What to expect:
A town at the center of big tech, in attitude and location.

Google, Intuit and Symantec are all headquartered here, making this small city alight with innovation and full of commuters biking their way to campus or simply boarding the train to take them to work out of town.

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The lifestyle:
Tech culture meets casual suburban living.

Enthusiastic entrepreneurs and hard working techies rub shoulders with new parents pushing strollers along cute and central Castro St. in the weekend sunshine.

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Unexpected appeal:
It’s so easy to get around in bikeable Mountain View.

Biking is easy here, so easy that many commuters rely on two wheels as their main means of transportation, and the 700-acre Shoreline Lake Park is ideal for inspired bikers, hikers and golfers looking to attack the weekend with zeal.

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The market:
Variety — from downtown apartments to more spacious ranches in quiet neighborhoods.

The median home price in Mountain View is $1.7 million, which encompasses a variety of options like one-bedroom apartments that overlook Castro St. and single-family homes on cheerful, kid-friendly streets.

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You'll fall in love with:
The heartbeat of Silicon Valley, and being at the center of it all.

Mountain View is vibrant, from the sounds of live outdoor music at the Shoreline Amphitheater to dedicated runners in the park at sunset, though the fabulous weather — with its picture-perfect skies and consistently pleasant temperatures — doesn’t hurt one bit.

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