Welcome to San Mateo

Casual and natural San Mateo is perfectly positioned on the Peninsula to give you a choice of a few equidistant major cities when you need them and delicious sunshine and carefree community life when you don’t.

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small city, cute downtown, single-family homes, condos, apartments, parks, outdoorsy, vibrant


Commute Times
San Francisco 52m by train by train, 40m by car by car
Silicon Valley 30m by car by car
San Jose 40m by car by car

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San mateo:
As lively or as mellow as you need it to be.

San Mateo has an adorably walkable downtown that comes to life with parents pushing strollers and friends meeting up for a round of beers, but there’s also a relaxed and quiet side to this city that lets you soak up the sun and lush greenery in your own friendly neighborhood.

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What to expect:
A city full of diversity and life with an easy-going appeal.

In San Mateo, you can explore multicultural restaurants night after night and still not get to them all, and this city’s diverse population lends to the many layers of its identity.

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The lifestyle:
A gentle energy feeds this small city that comes to life but winds down at the end of the day.

In the evening, when the fog rolls in, a gentle and subdued hush settles over San Mateo where locals stroll the streets of downtown, full from sampling yet another delicious restaurant, and families settle into cozy homes after a long day.

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Unexpected appeal:
Healthy living rules here, and it’s easy to get swept up.

San Mateo is casual and healthy: Naturally lit gyms and yoga studios dot the sidewalks, though you could spend years exploring the outdoor splendor — golfing, sailing, hiking and biking, beach-going and more — around the area.

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The market:
High demand and high prices for a variety of homes — from apartments to hillside mansions.

There’s lots of demand for an area that’s in the middle of two major metropoles and has near-perfect weather year-round. Prices are high, though you’ll have a wide selection of choices — from one-bedroom apartments to single-family homes.

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You’ll fall in love with:
The laid-back suburban attitude, the vibrant downtown and delightful little neighborhoods.

Outside of downtown San Mateo’s casual delights, you’ll find streets with clean-cut lawns and local flora painting the lush hills, with homes awash in enviable natural light.

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