Welcome to Burlingame

A town that’s an easy commute to San Francisco and Silicon Valley, Burlingame is far from a bedroom community; instead, it has its own sunny heart and historic vibes that are impossible not to love.

Key Details


convenient, family-friendly, cute downtown, shopping, historical


Commute Times
San Francisco 60m by train by train, 45m by car by car
Silicon Valley 37m by car by car

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Laid back and family friendly, this neighborhood is more than a convenience — though it’s that too.

Burlingame has a historical charm that’s particularly unique and undeniable — whether you’re cozying up with a good movie inside your historic home or meandering Burlingame Ave. with no real agenda — you’ll feel the casual timelessness this town has to offer.

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What to expect:
Relaxed downtown right near historic Burlingame station.

On and around adorable Burlingame Ave., you can expect to stroll as long as you need until you find the perfect happy hour after work, lazy Sunday brunch or leafy tree to settle under for a family day out.

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The lifestyle:
A neighborhood that lives for the weekends.

Locals often spend all weekend at 19-acre Washington Park with tennis rackets in hand or lounging with family and friends over a lively picnic — or they stick around for the summer and fall jazz concerts here.

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Unexpected appeal:
Burlingame strives for green, clean air.

This town is known as the City of Trees, and there are an abundance of tree-lined streets as well as shaded parks, open spaces, and towering eucalyptus to prove it.

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The market:
Single-family homes reign here, but variety is the real king.

As you would guess in a town dedicated to trees, you’ll find an abundance of sun-dappled streets here with multi-bedroom homes — some within walking distance to downtown while others are tucked away with a little more privacy along winding neighborhood streets.

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You’ll fall in love with:
A community with energy, but enough tranquility to completely settle in.

The attitude and weather here are ideal for lazy weekends spent casually shopping along Broadway or savoring the selection at the weekly farmer’s market.

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