New Construction, Development, Design and Sales


University of California, Los Angeles

About Gabe
A born-and-raised big city boy who started with nothing more than a passion for helping people, good taste, and a dream. Gabe is proud to have created an extraordinary life, business and he has made a lot of clients very, very happy. He is a real estate agent and specializes in new construction development, design and sales. He has the best job in the world. He creates and sells Nashville's hottest homes and connects all the moving parts of this crazy world of real estate and design. But that's not all he has done. Prior to moving to Nashville, he had a crisis and communication coaching business in New York City where he worked with big names to overcome big challenges.

​​ In Gabe’s early years, he started his career in Hollywood at the two leading talent agencies. He handled the studio's award campaigns including Golden Globes® and Emmys®. And he covered studios and talent. He had the best time, learned from great people, and earned a wealth of experience that he uses every day.

​ Some notable charitable contributions include a co-chair role for Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship's NFTE Ventures in New York City where Gabe helped empower at-risk inner-city youth to explore and obtain entrepreneurial skills. He also served on the host committee for The Greenhouse Project for New York SunWorks, where he led fundraisers to build innovative science labs in urban schools.