Aaron Seawood

Aaron Seawood

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
About Aaron

Aaron Seawood has raving fans and an impeccable reputation as an advocate, partner, and confidant. "I’d call Aaron the Rolls Royce of Real Estate Brokers. He’s hands-on with physical help and emotional support which people so often need when taking the step of selling or buying their home. Hands-on, heart on, wisdom on. We didn’t expect to make a real friend from our broker, but we have. Aaron turns the business of selling real estate into an art" remarks one of his many satisfied clients.

A dominant force in the New York real estate market for well over a decade, Aaron formed Team Carte Blanche on the premise that when good people work together, good things happen. With that mindset, he vetted an all-star team that contributes their unique skillsets to each client, so they feel the impact of many with the singular focus of one.

Keenly aware of the nuances that make for a sophisticated real estate experience, he spares no expense to make that a reality for each client. Whether guiding first-time buyers through the complexities of New York City real estate or advising athletes and celebrities on their property plays across the country, Aaron’s level of commitment to his clients can only be described one way: “All-in.”

Prior to real estate, Aaron was an entertainment executive spawning collaborations with a roster of platinum artists and producers with notable stops at Virgin Records and Queen Latifah’s management company, Flavor Unit. Navigating high-stakes situations honed his skills as a negotiator, problem solver, and artist advocate which translated nicely into the rough-and-tumble world of real estate. Aaron has called New York City home for over 25 years and lives in Brooklyn Heights with his wife, two children, and a rescue puppy, Knox. He loves cycling, photography, and the occasional cigar. Make sure to follow his Instagram stories @AaronSeawood for off-the-cuff commentary and inspiration.


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Aaron Seawood was amazing in our recent sell and purchase in Brooklyn, NY. We met him at an open house that we attended, and though weren't interested in that apartment, liked him and remembered him so significantly that we called him up independently when we found the apartment we DID want to buy a few months later. Aaron negotiated both the sell of our apartment in the Clinton Hill Co-Ops, and the buy of a new condominium on Lafayette Avenue. He negotiated them concurrently, and did an incredible job. It was certainly not easy walking the delicate line between the two transactions, keeping us at ease, and getting both deals done in an extremely timely manner, but he managed to pull it off with ease and grace. We are so happy with our new home, and are so happy to have met Aaron and now to have him in our lives. He's not just an amazing broker, but a great friend as well!

My Husband and I were referred to Aaron by a friend whose recommendation we knew we could trust and from the start it was clear what a talented, capable, and knowledgeable person he is. Aaron worked with us for months, driving us to properties, helping us vet sellers, making sure that we had every piece of information we could possibly want and then some. He made a very complex and stressful process so much more manageable and at times I honestly don't know what we would have done without his expertise, sense of humor, and positivity. Not only did he help us find the perfect place, he helped us advocate for the best deal without pushing too far. We will never go to anyone else, and I can not recommend him highly enough. He is a delight and an extremely talented professional.

Aaron Seawood is a lot of things: knowledgable, experienced, genuine, charismatic, suave, funny, smart, empathetic and extremely down to earth. I've only had experience with one other broker (the one I used before thankfully switching to Seawood) and Aaron is NOT a typical salesy broker - in other words, he is not the type of guy who would pressure you to buy a place so that he can collect commission. In fact, he discouraged me from buying several places I was considering putting offers in on - places I would have ultimately been underwhelmed with and so when I did finally find my current apartment, which I still live in and love, it is thanks to Aaron that I waited and found a home that is everything I wanted (balcony top floor unit in The Gretsch building). The icing on the cake: well, I bought my place 3 years ago for 770k and now its valued at 1.2m..

Aaron Seawood is a fantastic real estate agent. He is honest, thorough, reliable, and really knows his territory. He sold my home in Brooklyn and talked me down from the ceiling more than once. I would never have made it through the process without Aaron. I cannot say enough good things about him, but I can try. Aaron went so far above and beyond to help me sell my home. He was handyman, my decorator, my faithful listener, and so much more. It was a big move for me (leaving NYC after 30 years), and Aaron held my hand the whole way. I would recommend Aaron to anyone. He will not just go the extra mile - he will go ten, twenty extra miles to ensure that you have the best service from day one to close. I am buying a home in Raleigh, NC, and I wish so much that Aaron was here to hold my hand again.

Aaron recently sold my Manhattan apartment, and after years of working together, this latest experience solidified my view that Aaron is truly one of the top brokers in New York. Working in real estate myself, I experience a lot of different types of brokers, from their personalities, to their ethics, to their ability to close. Aaron gets the highest marks in all categories. With his analytical research of market data, I was able to have an intelligent conversation regarding pricing strategy and timing of bringing the unit to market. Seeing competitive prices in my area in a detailed spreadsheet and listening to his market knowledge, allowed us to develop a strategy for the sale of my apartment that not only went into contract in under one week, but created a bidding war which ultimately achieved a record price for a unit of this size in its market. Aaron handled the multiple bids with finesse, showing his negotiating prowess while managing expectations and maintaining a competitive edge, all while keeping me appropriately aware of the situation and not burdening me with too many details. After we went into contract, Aaron stepped in when we realized the purchaser’s broker was not helping his buyers move in the right direction. He carefully guided them so that we could close sooner and submit a comprehensive and organized board package, which he vetted and approved. Ultimately, from start to finish, we were able to achieve a high watermark in the building, a quick contract and close, and an overall satisfied experience, par for the course for working with Aaron. Aaron is the only broker I recommend and have no doubt you will experience the same feeling of achievement as I did by working with Aaron.

Aaron and his associates were wonderful. My husband and I knew where we wanted to purchase an apartment. He found us the perfect apartment and walk us through the coop application and interview. He even added support at the closing when the management company had a problem with the seller remaining in the apartment for a bit.

Aaron Seawood is by far the best broker in New York City. I have worked with Aaron on multiple occasions over the past 6 years (finding a spacious 4 bedroom with 3 roommates, finding a fantastic brownstone UWS studio and most recently an amazing studio off Central Park West). He is dedicated to not just finding you an apartment, but the one that works uniquely best for you as your home and within your budget. Aaron is highly knowledgeable and well-known in his field which sets you apart from everyone else in an incredibly competitive market. He always puts in the extra effort to get you to the top of the list so you get the place you want before anyone else. Some of the best characteristics of Aaron is that he is always reliable, sincere and trustworthy. Any moving process can get complicated at times, but Aaron is always there making sure the journey is as smooth and stress-free as possible. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or rent in NYC!

"I’d call Aaron Seawood the Rolls Royce of real estate agents, which he is, but that’s a bit misleading because he’s also hands-on with physical help when needed, and emotional support which people so often need when they’re taking the step of selling their home. Hands on, heart on, wisdom on. . Aaron Seawood turns the business of selling real estate into an art." Written from Paris because we have been able to move to France with the help from Aaron.

Aaron is a great agent! I have worked with him multiple times and from my perspective he is the best in his field. He genuinely cares and works to come up with a place that is right for you and has the background and experience to tell you what is actually feasible and realistic, something that is important in NYC. Definitely recommend working with him! I certainly never plan on working with anyone else in the city!

"On first meeting Aaron, we immediately felt comfortable with his warm personality. He is definitely a people person, and it was very easy to discuss our selling situation which was complicated to say the least. No one wants to shell out extra money for the sale of their home, however, working with Aaron took the stress away from us and we did not have to deal with any hassles. With Aaron’s guidance and expertise, he made the selling process practically seamless. When it came down to the finer details of making the place more presentable, Aaron treaded lightly since he did not want to offend or come across as too pushy. He listened and gave great advice; which in turn led to one open house where over 100 people came and we had a dozen offers at asking price and above. Given the amount of energy Aaron created around the sale of our apartment, several owners in the building were equally impressed and wanted to know who our broker was. They requested his contact information due to the success of our open house, and subsequent selling price. We definitely appreciated all of his hard work and efforts to make the process of selling our home an easy one. We would highly recommend Aaron to any of our friends or clients. Aaron truly is an exceptional broker and definitely money well spent!"

Aaron Seawood is hands down the best broker I've used since I've lived in Manhattan (10 years and 5 different apartments). When we were looking for a rental, he worked tirelessly to find us exactly what we wanted - we didn't have to compromise on anything including price. Aside from being a super likeable, sincere guy he has amazing relationships with owners and other brokers so the process was completely STRESS FREE. I've referred him to numerous friends who have also had a similar experience. After living in our rental he found us for two years, Aaron recently helped my husband and I make our first apartment purchase. It's a long process - and Aaron was an all-star member of our team. He referred us to many helpful resources to educate us on the home buying process and saw countless apartments with us until we found THE ONE. Working with Aaron is truly a pleasure - he's our secret weapon!

The best experience and service I have ever had working with an agent. He asked great questions in the very beginning about what I needed and wanted in a property. And we continued to have very specific and thoughtful conversations about options and considerations, not just about the properties themselves, but also about "fit" into my lifestyle, family needs and work needs. He provided a class of service that was fantastic (always on time, extremely thorough, and knowledgeable). I would recommend him over and over again.

This was my 1st time renting an apartment in NYC and with all the bad press surrounding brokers, my guard was up. However, once we met and worked with Aaron Seawood, he shattered every negative stereotype there is regarding brokers. He was dedicated to making sure my roommates and I found the apartment we were looking for, in the area we wanted, and within our budget. It was obvious that he did not want us to settle for an apartment so that he could simply move on to the next customer (despite the fact it only took 1 day of walking around the city to find our place!). He put in the extra effort to ensure we were proud of our new home. Aaron is extremely knowledgeable about the renting process, which undoubtedly worked to our advantage. True story: When my roommates and I found an apartment we were happy with Aaron asked us, "If you we were to go look at another place and later find out that this place we just looked at is taken would you be upset?" Our answer was "yes." Aaron then told us that we needed to go fill out an application right now. Of course once we did that we find out that another group had submitted an application within 15min of ours and as such the apartment owner would choose between the 2 applications. Despite the anxiety this gave my roommates and I, it didn't faze Aaron in the least. He told us exactly what we needed to do to prepare all of our necessary documents so that our application was the most complete and most organized. With no surprise to Aaron and to our relief, our application was chosen. Aaron is confident and aggressive in an incredibly competitive market, and he got us the apartment we wanted. We were able to trust Aaron and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an apartment in NYC.

Most efficient use of time and money when dealing with the NYC real estate market. His approach was simple, pragmatic, professional and most important of all... produced the desired result. He listened to my search parameters and offered the best variety of units that fit my needs. Ultimately, locating the best apartment I have had in all my time spent in the city.

Meeting Aaron was the best thing that could have happened to our apartment search. When Aaron found my husband and me, we were floundering around the New York City real estate market, trying unsuccessfully to find a home that would both fit our budget and our lifestyle. As first time buyers, we were lost in a sea of real estate sharks, inflated prices, and cash buyers. Aaron took us under his wing and spent months with us, walking us through the process, attending open houses, assessing comparable real estate in the neighborhood, preparing offers and more. He stuck with us through every step of the way, promptly and patiently responding to emails and giving us the information we needed to feel comfortable. Finally when we found the home that was right for us, Aaron helped us navigate the tricky purchase process. He was always charming, genuine and relatable, while also being extremely professional and always representing our best interests. He made sure we felt prepared and confident for whatever we were walking into, whether it be the co-op interview or the closing table. He was a calm, positive, (and often hilarious!) voice of reason throughout the entire process and we are thrilled to call him our friend and agent.

Aaron Seawood worked with me for the sale of my brownstone at 391 Park Place in Prospect Heights Brooklyn, which we closed back in Feb. I have to say he far exceeded my expectations in every aspect of his services that led to the sale of my property. We used to live in our 391 Park Place brownstone but had to move to Asia back in 2013 when Aaron first helped me with placing a tenant into our triplex. Following his great advice, we were able to achieve the best possible rental rate in the market. Very satisfied with his services, we signed him up to put our property on the market for sale around the end of 2014. I was really grateful to have him as my coordinator and facilitator to make this transaction possible. He handheld my property through last-minute renovations, and through the change of my troublesome property manager; all of this with me living very far away in Asia. And of course, the price he got me put a big smile on my face. His professionalism, expert advice, and willingness to go way beyond the call of duty made him the best agent I have every worked with. There is no question in my mind that he will be my agent for my future needs.

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