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Alissa Peterson

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Colorado State University

Client Testimonials

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"Top 10 Reasons we LOVED working with Alissa!
* Her unbelievably generous commitment of your time, despite us taking over six months
* Her unwavering patience while we saw every house in Boulder
* Her willingness to do whatever it took, whenever needed, including after-hours discussions, counter-offers, and myriad contract addenda
* Her grace in negotiations
* Her honest and candid insights on stylistic choices, houses, streets and neighborhoods
* creating a safe space for our feelings and wishes and concerns
* Herr magical git of making us feel like your most important clients (meanwhile treating your many other clients the same)
* Her ability to make the whole process FUN
* Her beautiful heart which guides all you do AND last but definitely not least
* Her raucous and infectious laughter at Dave’s antics and the often ridiculous design elements we encountered
Alissa is truly awesome!

"We never thought that as first-time home-buyers, we'd be entertaining the idea of buying our ultimate DREAM HOUSE... and we did! Alissa was incredible at guiding us through the terrifying process, making it so approachable, setting our expectations about the process, keeping the ball rolling, making sure we didn't miss a step, making us feel totally informed, and making us feel like everything was under control from square one. We had heard so many horror stories about the home buying process in general, and our experience was 100% enjoyable, no doubt due to Alissa's incredible expertise and calm guidance. THANK YOU so much! We're over the moon, and so grateful it was such a pleasant experience. We would highly recommend Alissa to anyone looking to buy their next home."
- Helena Yardley

"Got a contract for my house in one day. She knows how to manage everything that needs to happen to get your house presented and find the right buyers. She's very detailed and involved to do what it takes to get the most out of your house. She's the best."
- Shawn Rucks

"I have known and worked in conjunction with Alissa Peterson as a real estate professional for over 15 years now. She is hands down one of the most skilled, knowledgable, and ethical realtors I have known in the industry and she delivers on results. I wholeheartedly recommend her for all of your real estate needs."
- Sharane Dorrah

"I have worked for Alissa a stager and she is thorough, engaged, efficient and fully committed to presenting her clients' properties in a timely, effective manner. Alissa is full service, dedicated and a pleasure to work with."
- Jennifer Rhode

"Alissa has represented us in several transactions, all of them complicated (moves into and out of state), and done so with such grace and scrupulous attention to every detail that she has become both a professional inspiration and a family friend. Her work is impeccable."
-  Carol LaFever

"Alissa was such a gift as a broker. I did not even have a broker in the highly competitive market of Boulder until the day of the opening of a dream home. She dropped everything and showed up and advised me on how best to make an offer. Her diligent and detailed oriented work landed me in a lovely home. She arranged everything from facilitating loans (and even refinancing after the closing) to helping the current owner with cleaning. I could not have asked for anyone better to help me get into a new home! Thank you Alissa!"
- Catherine Yrisarri

"Alissa and I have worked together since 2001. She has always been professional and caring. What sets her a part is her ability to analyze markets and factor in hidden currents of buyer and seller motivation. Her absolute integrity makes her a true asset to the real estate community!"
- Renee Powers

"Alissa is a consummate professional who knows the business of residential real estate better than anyone I have worked with. I was so pleased with how she handled the sale of my condo that I hired her several years later to sell my house."
- C Diane Ealy, Ph.D.

"Alissa is very professional and knowledgeable. She goes above and beyond to assist her clients."
- Teresa Punt

"I've worked for Alissa for some time now! She is a friendly, great and responsible person. Alissa has great time skills and always with a smile ready to work! If you have a question about Real Estate, Alissa is the person to go to!"
- Juan L.

"Alissa works very hard to help you achieve your desires. If you are selling your home, her wise tips help you get the price you desire. If you are purchasing a home, Alissa helps you find your dream home. All along the way, she is kind and considerate of your needs."
- Lori Marvin

"I have referred multiple people to Alissa for help with buying a house and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her again!"
- Maia T.

"Alissa is a great listener and understanding of particular needs and wants. She works efficiently with clear communication which is so appreciated! She is dedicated to her work and her clients and it shows. I enjoy working with her very much."
- Jill Emich

"Alissa is focused and always has her eye on the goals that you set together. She is prepared and shows up with a plan of execution, too. Her first priority is always the welfare and satisfaction of her clients. She treats you like family with the utmost respect and professionalism. You will not find another more dedicated to finding you exactly what you want."
- Donna Johnson

"My husband and I moved to Boulder almost three years ago from Sydney, Australia. At the time we had very little idea about the housing market in both the rental and sales areas. We rented as it gave us an opportunity to truly get to know neighborhoods and learn about Boulder’s unique housing market - which isn’t like any other in the US, although we are savvy and seasoned Buyers. We found this a challenging market to buy in from pricing, location, to matching a style that suited our personality. We started to lose hope about procuring a home in Boulder at all. That was until we began talking to Alissa Peterson. Alissa felt our frustration and made a huge effort to educate us on what was trending in Boulder. She took time to educate us on the local market, how to write meaningful offers to get the attention of sellers, and helped us clearly define what we wanted in our vision of living Boulder as we dreamed. Working with Alissa was like working with a bespoke craftsperson who understands your needs and perfectly tailors your experience eventuating with the house of your dreams. Our new house feels like it was custom made for us in every way thanks to Alissa’s insight and genuine consideration of our needs. Every step of the process was a pleasure and we never felt pressured or stressed. After we moved in, Alissa continued to lend her support towards any needs we had with our new home be it a new electrician, glass tinting or sprinkler system. I would recommend Alissa to anyone local or new to Boulder, especially those who might need to be educated on it’s housing market. Having said that, if you’re feeling like there’s just nothing out there for you, talk to Alissa, she’ll find you the home of your dreams."
- Tatyanna and Michael

"Alissa Peterson, my wonderful realtor and now friend, has enriched my family’s life with her passion for her work, her family and her love of life. we met by chance through a friend when our pod decided to all move out of California to colorado. Alissa has helped us buy a house and manage a complicated move with calmness, commitment, and some laughter! i look forward to our time together in colorado..she is now a valued member of my woman warrior club. joyous holidays to all!  "
Sally Spivack Dec. 2020

"Alissa is professional, communicative and stands out in the real estate profession! She helped us secure a buy from 7 states away without worry! Our best experience ever XOXOXO!"
Alison Hulett

"Alissa made me feel uniquely important to her from the very beginning. We easily got along while we'd meet at various properties, each time she'd listen intently to my feelings about it, and was very intuitive about my needs and desires for a home and lifestyle. She was very patient with my timeline and helped me to envision the parameters for a property that best suited me. When we finally walked in to the One, as soon as I said "Let's do it. Let's go for it," she got on her horse and went to battle for me immediately. She made sure my offer was heard and that negotiations were on the table. Any other realtor with less heart in the game may easily have let this one slide, as the offers were very close and mine was even slightly less than another, but the seller FELT right about me- thanks to Alissa. What I ended up with is an absolutely perfect fit for my lifestyle. I love coming home to this place, and I believe that it will be a wise investment into the future. I could not be more grateful for her careful guidance and genuine warmth throughout the process.""
Ashlynn Manning

About Alissa
Alissa’s contribution to real estate is refreshing not only because it’s been in her blood since her parents owned The Shields Corporation in Colorado Springs, but because her spirit lends itself to a level of detail and professionalism that has made her sought after by clients for over 18 years.

A licensed REALTOR® since 2001, Alissa has traversed the real estate market through both the boom of the mid 2000's and what followed, which could arguably be described as the most difficult housing market in U.S. history. She consistently ranked as a top-performing broker at the Coldwell Banker Powerhouse in Arizona, and at Kidder+ here in Boulder.

Alissa is best known for her keen ability to listen to what her clients really want, delivering a refined approach to changing markets, and powerfully negotiating with grace and determination on their behalf. Her spirit lends itself to a level of detail and professionalism that results in a category all her own.

Alissa and her children share a true love for the outdoors, nature, and the expansive blue skies here in Colorado and is an incredible addition to the Compass team here in Boulder.

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