Allen Lu

Allen Lu

Real Estate Broker

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Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent, Foreclosure

Languages: English, Mandarin, Taiwanese
About Allen
Allen specializes in serving real estate investors achieve their investment goals! He also has the best knowledge and most hands-on experience in investing Airbnb properties. Past clients have enjoyed positive cashflow and an unstoppable appreciation trend in the Greater Seattle area.

Allen previously worked in Private Equity and Venture Capital fund, as well as a global leading consulting firm engaging in more than 20 global Merger & Acquisition transactions. He used to assist high profile clients achieve greater wealth. Allen has since founded the Snowball Group to help families generate wealth in the real estate world. His vision is to grow assets the same way one would roll a snowball.

Before moving to Seattle, Allen lived in Shanghai and Beijing for 7 years. He got his MBA degree at CEIBS (Chinese Europe International Business School) in Shanghai. Allen is fluent in Mandarin, English, and Taiwanese.

Allen’s clients always have a long-lasting relationship with him and love his integrity. He is known by his commitment to place clients’ interest before his own. His unparalleled professional skillset and experience readily delivers results that are beyond his clients expectations and makes their real estate dreams come true! Allen loves crunching numbers and does market research on a regular basis. Contact Allen to serve your real estate goals and benefit from his up to date market insight without any obligation! Take action now!

Allen 专注于帮助房地产投资人达成他们的投资目标!Allen在投资西雅图地区Airbnb爱彼迎短租房有最深的研究以及最丰富的实操经验,让投资人享有丰富的现金流以及西雅图势不可挡的升值潜力。

Allen 先前在私募基金和风险投资基金工作,也在一全球知名顾问公司参与超过20起跨国投资与并购案。Allen过去协助超级富豪客户们变更富有。现在, 他创立了雪球团队(Snowball Group),其愿景是协助家庭像滚雪球般靠地产投资积累财富。

在搬到西雅图之前,Allen 在中国上海和北京住了7年。他在上海的中欧国际工商学院CEIBS 取得MBA学位, 能说流利的中文, 英文, 和闽南语。 Allen的客户总和他有长期的合作关系。他们喜欢Allen的正直,并把客户利益放在自身利益之前。Allen无人能比的专业知识和经验常给客户们超过预期的体验,并且帮助实现他们的地产梦。

Allen 热爱数字分析并且定期研究市场动向。现在立刻联系Allen, 让Allen为您的地产梦提供服务,没有任何义务,并能从Allen分享的最新市场动态中受益!现在就采取行动!

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