About Andrew

Andrew Smith is a licensed real estate agent with Compass Commercial specializing in the sale of San Francisco apartment buildings. Since 1999, Andrew has focused solely on marketing and selling apartment buildings in San Francisco, allowing him to become a true apartment market specialist. Since joining Compass, Andrew has closed apartment deals ranging in size from two to 2 to 50+ units. Throughout his career, Andrew has worked toward the closing of over 100 real estate transactions, giving him the valuable experience needed to guide his clients successfully through the increasingly complex world of investment real estate.

As an San Francisco apartment sales specialist, Andrew concentrates his complete attention on providing the highest level of service to the owners of San Francisco apartment buildings. Andrew considers it his primary goal to know his market, and most importantly, convey the information to his clients. Either with a personalized comparable sales analysis or a rent survey of a certain neighborhood. Andrew gets his clients the information they need to make informed decisions.

Before starting his career in real estate sales, Andrew worked in the construction business renovating San Francisco apartment buildings and homes. This experience gives Andrew the ability to better evaluate properties and advise clients on their condition. In addition, Andrew is a property owner and landlord here in San Francisco, so he understands what it takes to manage an apartment building and continue to create wealth in this diversified real estate market.