Ariana Mazzucchi

Ariana Mazzucchi

Realtor® | DRE# 02033132


Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent, Consulting, Equine estates, coastal getaways, farms and ranches.


University of California, Davis Academy of Arts
About Ariana

                                 Meet a real trailblazer

   Ariana’s unique blend of creative perspective, financial savvy and entrepreneurial mindset, is
demonstrated in her rich portfolio of experience. As a real estate investor since 1999, she has
traversed over 27 of her own real estate transactions increasing her initial investment by over
1200%. She offers unparalleled service to meet her client’s needs, whether that be purchasing
their first home, building their investment portfolio, or letting go of a generational treasure.
   To Ariana, real estate is the art of listening to what is not spoken, negotiating with compassion,
and acting at the right time with a bit of intuition thrown in the mix. Many of the most successful
entrepreneurs Ariana has worked with in her varied career rely on these skills. This is precisely
what makes Ariana unique in the real estate profession.
   Ariana’s whole hearted care for people, animals and the land is part of what sets her apart from
other realtors. Her clients hire her not only because she is a successful business woman who
excels at the art of sales and negotiation, but just as importantly, because she is patient,
compassionate, steady and committed to their goals from start to finish.
   As a coastal Marin native, Ariana brings her life experience as a zoologist, professional
equestrian, farmer and entrepreneur to her real estate ventures. She has developed vineyards,
planted orchards, built farm estates and used her extensive experience in gardening and
landscaping to efficiently enhance property values for herself and her clients. She can see
possibilities that others don’t, and this is precisely what gives her a leading edge in developing
successful strategies for buying and selling properties.
   For Ariana, real estate is a puzzle to solve to support her clients through both the exciting and
challenging aspects of buying and selling. While she specializes in farms, generational ranches,
equestrian estates, vineyards, rescue sanctuaries, and vacation getaways, many of her clients
are first time buyers looking for their first investment property, large and small.
   If you google Ariana, you will see that her innovative perspective transforms every industry she
has entered. She transformed her early career as a horse trainer to become a pioneer in the
field of equine based therapy, founding the Equine Guided Education method, in 1989. She has
trained over 6000 leaders and coaches and recently passed on her ground-breaking,
international legacy in this healing field to SkyHorse Academy which continues to teach
professionals from around the world how to incorporate horses into the healing arts.
   As an internationally known author of four books, guest on numerous podcasts and featured in a
variety of newspapers and magazines Ariana is a person to know. She is a true renaissance
woman who opens doors for change, lights up new opportunities, and walks her talk. Her
passion for her local agricultural and coastal community shows in her volunteer work and
leadership positions with the Petaluma Business and Professional Women, the Valley Ford
Volunteer Fire Department, Sonoma County Farm Trails, 4H, Livestock Conservancy, One
Green World and local the herbal community.