About Benjamin
Benjamin is a media strategist whose experience spans more than 25 years. He has in-depth creative and strategic business experience in integrating content market places into Real Estate Buying and Selling ecosystems. He helps connect customers and users through an original approach to content marketing, ecosystem innovation, social media optimization, media and analyst relations for B2B/C development, and new technology integration.

Drawing on diverse skills and innate talents at forging alliances and building relationships, Benjamin is highly experienced in Digital Media Entrepreneurship including Innovative Business Modeling, Digital Strategy, Original Content Development, Advertising Design, Digital Journalism, and Experiential Business Design and Development.

Benjamin is the founder of one of the first digital media networks, Media Bureau, inc, and is credited with producing the first, live online, political debates in PA history. Ben has worked with many boutique and large businesses as a mentor, advisor, and start-up CMO. Benjamin is passionate about staying on top of and driving innovative industry trends to establish clients as go-to thought leaders long after he’s left.