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Languages: English, Arabic

Buyer’s Agent, Listing Agent, Relocation, Consulting

Client Testimonials

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"Boulos was a fantastic realtor! Capable, knowledgeable, and energetic, he went way beyond to deliver! He went to the showing to contact the listing agent (who had not returned his calls), he purchased a home warranty for us from his own picket, and he negotiated all the closing events when I was out of town!"

"Boulos was very helpful from the first day. He stayed in touch to get feedback from the listings he had been sending me. He was very professional and helpful as a buyer's agent, he was able to negotiate with the seller on my behalf and made sure I getting a fair deal. I would highly recommend Boulos Ayad." - Amal

"Boulos was extremely professional, attentive, responsive during our home search. We shifted our scope often through the process, and Boulos was always reacting, and offering suggestions as we worked through our thoughts and ideas. He made me feel that he was on our team, trying to find the best thing for us and helped us see the big picture when we were stumbling into territory that wouldn't ultimately serve us. We had a blast working with Boulos, who was always adding humor into the reality of shopping for a home in Colorado's crazy real estate market. Every moment working with him was a pleasure, and he ultimately got us into our dream home. I have bought a house in the past, and Boulos blew that experience out of the water. I would recommend him in a heartbeat! Any buyer or seller would be lucky to have him. I am going to miss talking with Boulos every day!" - Michelle

"I feel very fortunate to have gone through this experience with Boulos! As a realtor and a person, he has acumen and savvy, honesty and compassion, a strict business sense couched in a sense of adventure. Selling a house is never easy, but I felt like I was in excellent hands. He is someone I trust completely and would highly recommend."

About Boulos
Boulos was born in Boulder in 1979. The quality of life in this captivating place has kept him here ever since. His passion for adventure has driven him to explore the area extensively through hiking, biking, and climbing. Boulos has been a climber for over twenty years, he’s been fortunate enough to reach many summits all over North and South America. Those experiences have taught him commitment and tenacity above all else.

Boulos’s professional background is in business, management, customer service, and carpentry. This coupled with a commitment and dedication to all that he applies himself to are some of his assets that he would provide you with as your agent.