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Caira Button's real estate career came to her as a surprise. In 2016, she moved into her first studio apartment, and like any millennial, went to YouTube to learn how to organize it. There was very little content about studio apartments at the time, so she decided to start her own channel. In 2019, Caira moved to Chicago with her husband, where they shared a studio apartment. She documented the whole experience on her YouTube channel, and began getting flooded with messages when hundreds of her YouTube subscribers began reaching out about where to live in Chicago and asking for help finding their new home.

Four years later, Caira now leads the real estate team, MOXIE, and has a passion for helping her clients fulfill their dream of living downtown. Awarded the 2023 National Association of Realtors 30 Under 30 award, Caira is surrounded by a community of agents nationwide, who go above and beyond for their clients in finding their next home. Caira's approach to real estate is to make you feel as comfortable as possible, as if you are house hunting with your best friend, knowing that no matter what she has your best interest in mind. Caira is a licensed broker, and available to help, whether you are a renter, first time home buyer, or looking to purchase your dream home in the city of Chicago.

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