Cari Coffman

Cari Coffman

Real Estate Agent


Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent, Relocation, Consulting

Client Testimonials

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"Cari is knowledgeable of the local market. She knows what to do and when to do it. Her attention to every detail in a timely manor is greatly appreciated. In short, she just does everything correctly."

"Cari is extremely professional and responsive. She is always ready to help with a showing and gives excellent advise on market comps and closing strategies."

"Cari did a great job selling my house. She helped in getting it ready to show, marketed it very well, and took care of all the interactions with the potential buyers. The house sold within a week of listing it. I was happy with the entire process." - David

About Cari


Peripheral vision is the act of seeing outside the point at which one’s gaze is directed. You may not even realize when you’re using it. Yet Cari Coffman’s keen perception of her surroundings is 100% intentional.

As a top Realtor in Kansas City, Cari anticipates multiple paths to every outcome. Consequently, she’s cemented a reputation for navigating roadblocks with artful subtlety. You can be certain that if something gets in the way, Cari finds another way forward.

Her resolve to be a highly skilled Realtor solidified while she was working in a corporate national-buyer position years ago, where she evaluated and sourced thousands of products that add value to a home. As Cari roadmapped that career path, she gradually determined that helping clients realize whole-house dreams was her deeper passion.

She pivoted. Then Cari intentionally pursued the harder course of action to become a Realtor: Instead of scratching the surface during her move, as so many do when transitioning between careers, she immersed herself in the role and partnered with top-1% Realtor mentorship to ensure she started at the top of her game.

Those who have worked with Cari are quick to point out that she's also a thinker and a planner; as a result, there’s a good chance she's already laid the groundwork for any of those dreams you may offer up. Her brain is tantamount to an endless bank of file cabinets – stats, particulars, and tips tucked at the ready, organized and tabbed to retrieve at a moment’s notice.

And the benefit to you is this: sometimes a moment’s-notice is the exact duration a Realtor has to deliver your dreams.

Speaking of dreams, Cari leans into a few of her own as she maintains a deep connection with her family and the greater Kansas City community. In her free time, Cari speaks up for the vital needs of local kids as a court-appointed special advocate with CASA, is an adventure enthusiast who never goes to the same national park twice, and maintains that she rarely declines an evening chat paired with a glass of wine. She savors living-in-the-moment when she’s not planning your path.

If your moment is here, Cari is determined and eager to pave the way.