Carina Cristofalo

Carina Cristofalo


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California State University Sacramento, B.S. Economics
Real Estate Broker since 2001, Licensee since 1994
About Carina
Carina Cristofalo is an entrepreneur at heart. Her vast experience shares a common real estate thread that spans from the beginning of her career in real estate and real estate development that has evolved into real estate investment. Alongside her husband and his design/construction firm, Carina amplifies her passion into the building, renovation and design aspects of creating beautiful living spaces. As a lifestyle curator with a strong financial background, she excels in finding the heart of what is important in every home or property.

Carina believes everyone has the possibility to be surrounded by beauty so that they feel peaceful and productive in the home and work environments. She has a passion for design, building, and landscaping and uses her financial knowledge and problem solving skills to help create value-building opportunities for her clients, Carina brings these creative strengths and sound experience to The Pargh Team and its clients.  Her expertise allows her to guide in an intentional and focused manner.

Carina is proud of her family and four children who attend Franklin Road Academy, University of Georgia and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo schools. Hailing from the Silicon Valley real estate market. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Economics from CSU Sacramento and is a licensed Real Estate broker as well as a lifelong learner.