Chami Kang

Chami Kang

Realtor® | DRE# 02033439

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International Diamond Society
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Buyer’s Agent, Listing Agent, Marketing Specialist, Negotiation Specialist, Relocation, Consulting, Property Management, Landlord

Languages: English, Korean, French

Client Testimonials

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"Chami is very professional, experienced, and respectful. Without her support, I would not have been able to buy my dream house successfully. She has a holistic view of the entire process. At the beginning, she briefed the overall process to us in every detail, which made me relieved even when there were too many unknowns. In each step, she informed us what would happen next in advance so we could be prepared for upcoming events with no dramas. She is very knowledgeable about the Bay Area, which helped me find the right house for my family efficiently. She has strong local connections from lenders, handymen, painters, kitchen remodeling workers, etc. Chami is very passionate and caring. I can’t forget the night that Chami spent hours reviewing the house disclosure with my family through Zoom even though she was very tired on that day. She is a good problem solver and a strategic negotiator. During the course of multiple rounds of negotiations, we learned that she could handle tough situations professionally. Whenever she identifies upcoming issues, she knows how to sort things out efficiently, and that makes the process smooth. I strongly recommend Chami to others. Especially for first-time homebuyers who are likely dependent on realtors, I believe she will be a great resource. My family really appreciates Chami’s amazing work, and we’re very happy to have a chance to work with her. Thank you Chami!"

"Chami is definitely one of the best real estate agents you can meet in the bay area. She is always very responsive, caring, honest and, most of all, has an excellent negotiation skills that result in a good contract. It was my pleasure working with her and, for sure, I will work with her in the future as well. I would strongly recommend Chami to any others who are looking for an agent." -Peter

"We purchased our first home in Belmont (mid-peninsula) in large part due to Chami's expertise. We had worked with another agent for 6 months who was competent but was unable to get us over the finish line due to the competition in starter SFHs in Peninsula neighborhoods with excellent schools. We were referred to Chami by a friend and were impressed with her drive, market knowledge, and frankness. She listened and understood exactly what we were looking for as well as our budget. The homes she took us to were all inline with our expectations and after just a couple weeks we decided to bid on a home in the Belmont hills. While we made a competitive offer, it certainly wasn't a very strong offer, but Chami played the situation perfectly and we were able to get the home off the market before a bidding war started. We're happy with the home and the price paid (though obviously the Bay Area is crazy). Chami's post-sale service has continued to be top class as she genuinely takes an interest in your well-being and has stopped by several times as well as referred us to great handyman and contractors to take care of some minor updates. I highly recommend Chami if you're serious about being in the market." - David

"Chami made my first home buying experience a successful one despite a very challenging market. As a first time home buyer, I wanted to understand everything I could about the home buying process. Chami was very patient and thoroughly explained what I could expect from the market. She made me feel like I'm a priority by always working around my schedule. She even didn't hesitate to show me a house at a last-minute request even though she was under the weather. During the offer process, she was very thorough and helped me write an offer that got accepted on my first attempt. Thanks to Chami, I was able to find a home that I will enjoy for many years to come." - Hakan

"Art of negotiation. That's what I described Chami's strength. The result was beyond my expectation. Chami represented us to purchase our home at the listing price in multi-offer situation. She closely worked with the listing agent in order to make our offer get accepted. Chami is extremely professional, knowledgeable and hardworking yet fun! She thinks big picture but never let details go. You must be happy to have her on your side. I will definitely use her service again." - Mathieu

"Chami is a savvy advisor who relentlessly advocates on behalf of her clients. She's a big picture thinker but never loses sight of the details. Her passion for her clients comes through clearly in everything she does. It is no surprise that she has quickly become one of the leading agents in the Bay Area." - Dean

About Chami

Chami Kang credits a Parisian squatter for launching her real estate career. 

After purchasing and renovating her first “fixer-upper” near the Sorbonne (“location, location, location”), Chami found a tenant to lease her lovingly restored home, now rental property shortly before departing for a life in Montreal, Canada, with her French husband. 

Unfortunately, shortly upon arriving in North America, Chami’s tenant decided to stop paying the rent—and the nascent real estate investor found herself holding a TransAtlantic bag of rental property woes. Faced with this far-flung problem—and a monthly mortgage payment still due (Mon Dieu!), Chami learned her first real estate investing lesson the good ol’ fashioned hard way. 

Fortunately, there’s a happy ending to the beginning of Chami’s real estate investment career. Faced with the realities of a rock and a hard place, Chami’s fast thinking, and creative problem solving opened her imagination to the bigger possibilities—for herself, and others—who increasingly seek her humble, steadfast, yet highly inventive, approach to investing in properties. 

“Chami took a holistic view of the entire course of action, providing a thorough and detailed briefing of the overall process—while relieving me the worry about the countless unknowns.”

Chami’s pathway to buying or selling a home is akin to entering into a long-term relationship—where honesty and respect are paramount—and lasting friendships are inevitable. She’ll soon become a trusted advisor—and your fiercest advocate, anticipating all the knowns and “countless unknowns,” with fearless, honest, yet compassionate advice. 

When you work with Chami, it’s not just a numbers game. Renowned for her endurance in the “marathon” of real estate negotiations and transactions (she’s often seen dashing around in a pair of white sneakers), Chami is relentless in her pursuit of pairing her clients with their ideal homes at the best possible price. 

A  savvy, self-taught real estate investor, Chami strives to assist Sellers and Buyers in positioning themselves for financial success, if not independence, through timely, intentional, and trustworthy real estate investing advice.