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Calvin Xu

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker


Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent, Relocation, Commercial Real Estate, Certified Negotiation Expert

Languages: Mandarin, English


The University of Missouri - Kansas City - M.B.A

Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing - B.A., Music

Client Testimonials

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"Calvin Xu was my real estate broker when I bought my two apartments in NYC. One for my primary residence, the other for rental income. My mother found Calvin and we learnt that he is a famed award-winning real estate broker in New York City, with many publicities in the Chinese community. Calvin is very personable, easy to talk to, and treated us like friends and family. When we were buying my primary residence, Calvin carefully listened and observed our needs and wants and showed us that he has a lot of resources in his industry. When my mother was still in the West Coast and had a 3-hour time difference, he always answered every phone and text message promptly no matter how late it was, sometimes even at midnight. When my mother arrived NYC, he showed us that he works with high efficiency and is a highly resourceful broker in a big firm. In just a few days, he showed us almost every property on the market within our budget and meets our needs. During the process of viewing those properties, we enjoyed it very much. I felt that he was a true real estate expert with a lot of professional knowledge. We learned a lot from him about New York real estate along the way. When we selected a duplex two-bedroom Condo and almost ready to sign the contract, my mother found a religious property not far away and it is in the view of this apartment. We believe it is not good Feng Shui to buy near a religious property because it brings lots of mixed energy. At that time, Calvin did not give up on us. Soon he helped us find another apartment in the same area, and it was even nicer, quieter, and with better feng shui, facing a beautiful courtyard, and with a private cabana on the rooftop. Calvin helped us get a big discount! His negotiating ability is first-class, we got it 10% lower than the normal market price. He also helped us with finding mortgage and real estate attorney. Since we were happy working with Calvin, a few months later we went to Calvin to buy another investment property for rental income. He found us an apartment, a property with high return in New York, and we bought it with a lease with tenants already in place. The area where he found this property for us is in Long Island City, a neighborhood with a 11% year-on-year growth. The carrying cost is low because there is a tax abatement for the building. We are grateful to Calvin! He has a wealth of contacts throughout the United States. Recently we went to see some properties in Florida we used the local agents Calvin introduced to us. We highly recommend Calvin Xu to everyone who is looking to buy or sell real estate in NYC."

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About Calvin

· Founder & Leader of The Calvin Xu Team, awarded America's Top 1.5% Real Estate Team by RealTrends 
· MBA, Certified Negotiation Expert, Top English/Chinese Bilingual Luxury Real Estate Broker in NYC 
· Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business Award Recipient - 2023
· A-List Top Producers Award Recipient by AREAA - 2023 
· Dual-licensed in both New York and Florida, serving the NYC and Miami market
· Experienced in both residential and commercial real estate transactions

Calvin Xu is the Founder and Leader of The Calvin Xu Team at Compass, the #1 real estate brokerage in the US by sales volume of 2022 according to RealTrends and Wall Street Journal’s published ranking. His real estate team is also ranked as the Top 1.5% team in the US out of 1.6 million Realtors by 2022 sales volume, according to RealTrends and Wall Street Journal’s published ranking. The Calvin Xu team is the largest international team that focuses on serving international clientele at Compass New York, team members come from 3 different continents and speak 6 languages including English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, and Japanese. The Calvin Xu Team has helped numerous clients with their extensive knowledge and experience in residential real estate, investment unit management, new development sales, and commercial real estate. Whether buying, renting, or selling, you can always depend on him and his team to help you achieve smooth success. Calvin has a team of mortgage specialists and real estate attorneys that he often works with to help clients navigate through complicated real estate transactions. He understands the emotional and financial value of real estate and is truly empathetic to clients' unique needs. Calvin has a unique approach to working with investors, he will listen to you in great detail, giving valuable suggestions and advice, identifying the best opportunities on and off the market, and helping you successfully acquire exactly what you are looking for. For sellers and landlords, Calvin and his team will give your property the maximum exposure, tirelessly promote the listing and get your property sold or rented for top dollar in the shortest amount of time.

As an immigrant who came to the US in 2008, Calvin deeply understands the needs and pain points of many new immigrants. Calvin believes in by uplifting our next generation of successful leaders we also uplift ourselves, this includes sending our children to receive the best education, owning, and investing in real estate, and networking between entrepreneurs and professionals. He recruited an education consultant with two decades of experience to his team to help families with children who aspire to receive the best education in the US and have successfully helped his many clients get accepted by top private schools as well as purchase nearby homes in New York. During the pandemic in 2020, Calvin expanded his business to other markets, including Miami in Florida and Westchester County in Upstate New York, successfully relocated some clients to new homes in those markets, and closed notable big transactions.

Calvin holds an MBA from the University of Missouri - Kansas City, and a BA from the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. He is also a member of the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA). Calvin serves as a generous mentor for his team members, guiding them in real estate transactions as well as personal development. Calvin lives in the Financial District near Battery Park with his 3-generation family and has a young daughter. A passionate real estate investor himself, Calvin owns real estate in both New York and Florida. A few of his main interests include travel, fashion, yoga, and meditation. You can give him a call at 347-276-4612 or add him on WeChat: CalvinNYC2013 for any real estate questions.

Calvin Xu (徐超科) 是一位被客户称赞为纽约最专业的高端住宅房产经纪师,职称Broker — 地产经纪行业最高级别,供职于美国第一大上市房地产经纪公司COMPASS,拥有上亿美金的个人销售记录。Calvin 在COMPASS公司也建立起来了一支全公司最大的国际化团队The Calvin Xu Team,也是RealTrends评选的全美国160多万名房地产经纪人中排名顶尖的前1.5%地产团队!10名队员来自三大洲,全部队员都是有经验的地产经纪人,服务于中文普通话、粤语、英文、韩文、西班牙语等多个不同语种市场。Calvin的地产团队还有资深的国际教育专家,可以帮助客户申请纽约和全美的顶级私立学校和大学。Calvin是同时拥有纽约州和佛罗里达州地产执照的双执照经纪,服务于纽约市和迈阿密市场。COMPASS这家美国历史上最具创新精神的地产公司拥有最雄厚的金融资本支撑,在全美1000多座城镇设有办公室,拥有30000名地产经纪,是美国真正的最大地产公司,并已经跻身财富500强企业。因此Calvin也有能力可以帮助您在全美国范围内置业或出售出租房地产。

Calvin Xu是美国中文电视台《安家美国》和《安家纽约》栏目的签约常驻房产专家嘉宾。他于2008年从北京移居到美国,获得密苏里州立大学工商管理硕士MBA学位。2011年定居纽约,他在纽约市的曼哈顿,皇后区和布鲁克林区都有过居住史,对各个社区了如指掌。无论您是寻找为孩子上学需要的学区房,还是寻找投资回报率高和升值潜力大的投资房,Calvin都是您值得信任的经纪人。他熟悉曼哈顿及周边的每一个区域,新建和翻新楼盘,出租房产筛选合格租客的整个过程和细节以及物业托管。Calvin是纽约房地产董事会(REBNY)会员,也是REBNY认证高级谈判专家(Certified Negotiation Expert)。纽约州为律师州,所有房产交易必须通过律师,Calvin有最专业的纽约地产律师团队为您讲解房屋购买合同和大楼企划书(Offering Plan),可以用个人名义购买或者隐藏个人身份以公司名义购买。国际买家也可以办理贷款,Calvin有最专业优秀的银行贷款团队,国际买家最高可贷款房价的70%,成功率100%。在纽约买房,买家不用支付任何佣金,佣金由卖方支付给经纪公司,我对您的一切服务免费。 Calvin以及他的团队将用深厚的人脉资源竭力助您置业和安家纽约。欢迎添加我的微信,随时咨询纽约房地产的一切问题!微信号: CalvinNYC2013

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