About Michael

Like many of us, Michael has been in a life-long pursuit of his “passion.”

After spending the vast majority of his professional life in the fast-paced world of Capital Markets and algorithmic/electronic trading, Michael discovered that his true passion is connecting with people on a more personal level, and helping them in some meaningful way.

This desire to help people began to manifest itself through Real Estate. Many people in Michael’s circle have asked for recommendations on a multitude of projects, and acquaintances would say, “Hey, you’d make a great Real Estate agent with your knowledge!”

Something resonated, and with that, Michael hit the ground running and has been going strong ever since.

Michael is a lifelong resident of Chicago, born and raised on the South side, living in Wrigleyville the majority of his life. He spends most of his time in and around the neighborhood with his husband Dwayne and their beloved dog, Nigel. His outside interests include Ironman Triathlon competitions and all that goes along with it: cycling, running, and swimming.

Along with all that activity, he loves a good meal!

Michael Wojcik’s Recent Transactions