Olive Well believes finding a new home is so much more than searching for a place to rest your head at night.

Led by Lauren Mitrick Wood, a third generation realtor, and consisting of her parents, husband, and cousin, as well as several other talented agents, Olive Well is a tight-knit, well-oiled machine. Most of its members hail from Chicago, and those who don’t have made Chicago their home for the same reason as the locals: a deep passion for the city and its many ever-changing neighborhoods. All of them bring this spirit to work every day, whether representing buyers, sellers, or renters.

More than just facilitators of real estate, Olive Well guides people on the precarious adventure of leaving one home and transitioning to the next. They offer a home base on the path between home bases, a place to circle back to whenever a new question is posed, a new referral is needed, or a new idea comes to light. The group prides itself on keeping the vast majority of their clients for multiple transactions as their needs evolve over time, whether investing, upgrading, or downsizing.

Already a top 1% team, their sights are set on getting to the top without sacrificing the quality of client experience and the family approach. With Olive Well, you will never move alone, because Olive Well means that all live well.

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