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"We came to the amazing Chih Wu for help with purchasing our first home on recommendation of a friend. We met her after having bad experiences, firing two prior agents. The other agents were not trustworthy and were just interested in closing and making their numbers for the month, constantly pressuring us to increase our budget, doing shady things in the background (found out from our loan officer), rather than having our best interests in mind. Chih is the complete opposite. We felt nothing but confidence with Chih on our side. She took her time to learn our needs, never rushed us, always made sure we were comfortable and helped us close on our home with full contingencies in place. She also got us cashback on top of the seller accepting our asking price offer, in the Bay Area of all places! Asking price is almost unheard of here, plus concessions! Chih is extremely intelligent and knowledgeable about the market, quality, and value of homes. It's crucially important to find an agent who knows homes inside and out. She pointed out many details we would not think to look for and steered us clear of homes that were not worth it. I can't emphasize how knowledgeable she is about homes, repair, contractors, inspections. She knew how much we could expect in renovations, from materials to labor to time, helping us making as informed a decision as possible. She told us what to expect in making an offer through the close, and guided us the entire way, perfectly. She was there every step of the way. We can't recommend Chih enough. She goes above and beyond, and is now far more than our agent, and has become a great friend. " ~Philip Pacheco

"I am very grateful to Chih for helping my family on two occasions in selling houses, both of which I will elaborate on below. Foremost, however, I want to really emphasize the outstanding characteristics about Chi that made us choose her again the second time around. 1. Chih really took the time to explain the whole process of selling to my family on both occasions. I can't emphasize how important this was especially because my family, being first-generation immigrants to this country, felt very insecure about the whole process of selling a home. Fears can build very quickly when you don't clearly understand the process. Chi never made my family feel ridiculous for asking even the most basic of questions. She patiently and kindly explained every detail and this contributed immensely to our sense of security during the process. We felt safe. 2. Chih speaks Spanish!!! Fluently!!! Again, this was a godsend to my first-generation immigrant family. I was not caught in the middle trying to explain a ton of real estate terms and housing market particulars to my family. She communicated directly and again, explained these so clearly in Spanish, it left me with nothing to do in the area of translating or soothing my family's fears. We felt understood. 3. Chih has very high standards and presents impeccably to local and international buyers. She pays close attention to every detail and sets it up so that only the strongest negotiations ensue. She is systematic in planning inspections and showings, as well as pacing each step of the transaction. We closed on our house in less than 6 weeks. We felt we were in good hands. 4. Chih took care of everything! She scheduled everything necessary in order to bring the property up to date to get the highest offer. All we had to do was move out. She handled all appointments for improvements, inspections, cleaning, and staging. We felt peace of mind. As I stated earlier, I wanted to briefly explain the two occasions Chih helped my family in selling homes. The first time, she helped my mother in closing on the sale of her house in Oakland in 2012. My mother's agent fell sick toward the end of closing, and Chih stepped right into the rescue. I was very impressed with Chih's capacity to communicate so effectively with my mother and I. She was very kind and supportive and really took the time to explain clearly the process of closing, something our original agent had failed to do. This calmed my mother's fears about the selling process and really helped end the experience positively. The second time, when my aunt was looking to sell her home in Alameda in 2016, I immediately remembered Chih. She had left such a positive impression on me when she helped us before. Although my aunt had made appointments with two other real estate agents, we ended up choosing Chih. She was prompt, very professional, and took my aunt's concerns seriously from the very beginning. She was also warm and remembered my mother very well, even though she had had but a brief interaction with her. It was important for me to leave my aunt in good hands, since I had to leave out of state and knew Chih would have to communicate with my aunt directly. Everything went smoothly and we are so grateful to Chih. I would highly recommend her to anyone. " ~elisanin3

"Chih is one of the hardest working professionals in any industry that I have ever met! My wife and I had a family emergency, and we needed to sell our home asap to move 300 miles away to be with them. This all began just after Thanksgiving while Holiday season was in full swing nonetheless. Chih to the rescue! Not only did she handle all of the typical things a realtor would be expected to do, but she went above and beyond and essentially became a contractor for us as she handled all of the logistics of getting the house painted, landscaped, cleaned up, oversaw minor repairs, and also had our bathroom completely redone without us having to do more than giver verbal approvals to do the work. This was very helpful during a difficult time for our family, and from 300 miles away nonetheless. The marketing that she did for our house was immaculate and obviously effective. What more do I have to say other than she was able to get a top offer that was $124k over asking, and we were able to close within 3 weeks of accepting the offer. Chih is a great realtor with a great heart! She loves what she does, and takes her duty to represent her clients in the best way possible very seriously. " ~Adam Ojeda

"This review on Chih is long overdue! An "Alamedan" herself, she possesses knowledge about the past and present, always makes herself available to her clients by text, email and keeps your file organized in a dropbox. Chih helped us find not only a house but a home this spring and tirelessly gave advice on how to put our best foot forward. She went even above and beyond months after the purchase and was able to seamlessly handle a post-purchase issue with one of the contractors employed by the seller of the house as well as gave us a home warranty as our housewarming gift. " ~newalamedan

"Chih helped me to sell my house and I would totally work with her again and recommend her to others. Why? Chih is knowledgable, professional, thorough, sharp-sharp-sharp, efficient, understanding, easy to work with and super personable. Her knowledge of the local market and connections are invaluable. It's always stressful to let go of your home and move on; Chih made is easier on me and my family. I highly recommend her services. " ~nadia9 borisova

About Chih
Worldly, wise and weaving an intricate life tapestry that speaks to her love for art, style and people. Chih Wu, Realtor®, was born in Taiwan, but at an early age business took her family on the road traveling through South America, discovering a kaleidoscope of cultures and languages; hence her fluency in both Mandarin and Spanish. From the rain forest of Brazil to the cities of Buenos Aires, Chih learned that all of her life experiences, small to grand, are colorful threads in your life journey.  

As a young adult she moved to Oakland to earn her BA in economics with an emphasis in finance in three short and condensed years at Mills College. With a strong belief that education is the foundation of progress and knowledge is power in business, Chih entered the world of marketing and sharpened her negotiating skills with positions at reputable financial institutions: Thomas Cook Foreign Exchange; Fidelity Investments and Pacific Stock Exchange Equity Market.  

With an innate skill at communication, Chih started her real estate career as a salesperson in 2004 and received her broker license in 2012. Joining the Alain Pinel / Compass family in 2015, Chih expertly guides families thoughtfully through the every-changing real estate climate with elegance, intelligence and top shelf customer service. She sets clear, understandable and achievable goals. Chih stays unflinchingly on course when negotiations begin until objectives are met for her clients on both the buy and sell sides in residential real estate transactions.  

She, her husband Jerome, live on the East End of Alameda in a Spanish Mediterranean home where they love to collect antique landscape lithographs. Chih appreciates all that the Island has to offer and is deeply involved in the community’s activities as a supporter of Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter, Alameda Food Bank, Tzu Chi Foundation, and Susan G. Koman Foundation. On a Sunday afternoon, you may see Chih doing Open Houses or going to Open House.