About Erin

With a family legacy of more than 45 years in the real estate industry, Erin was exposed to real estate at a young age and developed a keen aptitude stemming from her sincere interest, knowledge, and experience in the industry.

Her parents were constantly working on home projects, which drove her passion for the creative process that runs alongside building or remodeling a home. She loves to help clients create a home that exceeds their expectations and is dedicated to listening intently and matching individuals and families with the properties, buildings and neighborhoods that best suit their needs.

A native Dallasite, Erin began her career on the window display team at Ralph Lauren in New York and Los Angeles before working for several notable interior designers. Many people do not know Erin is also a musician and recorded both a children’s album and a personal album before working on the business side of the music industry.

After having her children, Erin went back into interior design with the creation of EV Interiors, where she handled the interior design for several homes in Austin and the Bahamas. This diverse experience is what gives her a good eye for walking into a house and seeing its true potential, which allows clients to get what they really want.

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