About Gavin

Perhaps the first thing potential home buyers will detect about Dallas realtor Gavin Smith is that he most probably doesn’t act like, sound like or maybe even look like what you anticipated in a man trying to help you find your perfect home.

Instead, from the moment you meet him it will become apparent that this journey is not about him. It is about you -- about your aspirations, your dreams and the precise lifestyle that your new home will help provide – and it will happen largely because of Gavin Smith’s astute attention to detail concerning your desires.

As Smith told a client recently, “This isn’t about me selling a property. This is about you making your dream come true with the purchase of an amazing new home that is a perfect fit in every way.”

What you will quickly learn about working alongside Gavin in what is nearly always a high-stress situation is that it doesn’t have to be that way. That is because this man assisting you in locating and purchasing your dream destination will quickly and steadily become a solid, stand-up friend – and because he is tailor made to help you find the truth, even if it temporarily alters your decision.

Building relationships is the way Gavin Smith has always conducted business – starting with high school jobs merchandising local stores, on through a quick-study three year drive to earn a college degree and then as a young 20- something working in New York City for clothing industry icon Valentino.

Eventually, Gavin landed in Dallas and produced a highly successful 30- year career in sales largely because he built strong relationships while tirelessly networking, a combination that has always benefitted his clients.

"In my mind, success comes only when the buyer KNOWS he or she has made the best decision, confident that I have helped point them down the right path,” he says.

For every individual who is house hunting, the goal is to make the best decision, the correct decision, the perfect decision. It should result in the purchase of a home to be proud of and enjoy for not only its basic amenities but also because it helps provide the ultimate lifestyle that is desired.

If you want to establish a wonderful sense of freedom based on confidence as you become serious about purchasing your dream home, give Gavin a call.

"Dreams can come true and I want to help make them happen for you,” he says.

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