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Baylor University: Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences, Interior Design

About Lydia

Lydia has enjoyed a front row seat watching the real estate market in Dallas her entire life. It’s a family thing for her. Lydia’s father is a real estate appraiser and her mother is a successful realtor north of Dallas. There have been five generations born here before her, so she is a little biased. She loves Dallas and she looks forward to helping you with your real estate needs in her favorite city.

Lydia has a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from Baylor University. Her work experience ranges from hospitality design to corporate design, now to residential home remodeling. A house is not a home until you involve people. Her goal is to help people find their home in this city. A place where memories are stored, meals are made, and laughter is in abundance. In addition to helping you find the right place to land, she can also advise on how to make your home personal, inviting, and practical for your needs. Whether you’re buying a fixer-upper or a new build, she has design experience with both.

She enjoys having a relationship with her clients so she can better understand their situation, wants, and needs. There is no replacement for meeting in person and Lydia prefers face-to-face interaction. She has also increased the ability to help you market your home or find a new one through social media. Lydia is happy to answer any questions if you are buying, selling, or just considering. She looks forward to hearing from you!

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