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    About Svetlana

    Svetlana was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia into a family lawyers where she received an International Law degree and practiced for several years. Nearly 14 years ago, she made the audacious move to the US to explore education opportunities. In 2006 she obtained a Master’s Degree in International and Comparative Law from SMU’s Dedman School of Law.

    After completing her studies at SMU, Svetlana decided to explore opportunities where she could apply her creative personality. Long-held interests in style, design, art, and architecture made real estate sales the perfect pairing of both skill and passion. She has been able to best serve her client’s interests by ensuring that the finer points are never missed. Too often, negotiating skills and a network of connections are overlooked attributes of the home buying process. Well, you’ll sleep safe knowing that those bases are covered with Svetlana.

    Leveraging the skill she’s taken from her background in law, Svetlana has found great satisfaction in resolving complex situations that may arise during the home buying & selling process. She has comprehensive knowledge and experience in a wide range of real-state scenarios, including “flips” or remodels for investment clients, assisting first time home buyers, or finding and securing the home of your dreams.

    Svetlana has an extensive track record in meeting and exceeding the needs of her diverse clientele. She brings a unique ability to connect with her clients, achieve the benchmarks set by her clients, and do it all aggressively with a touch of finesse. She’ll cater flawlessly to both the emotional and investment-driven client. As a client, you’ll benefit from her diligent and determined approach to business; she understands the responsibility that is placed in her hands and your priorities are also hers.

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